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Default Re: - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

I'll have a club sandwich - which seems to be the house specialty, and enjoy whomever wished to talk - er I can't talk fancy all the time I know I'll be myself. Sorry.. lol
Yea I 'spect I could use a double double too Char ! of that 20 yr old...sniff fine....sniff....old single malt.....-he emotionally opens the ceremonial opening day of a Rare Glen livet - er Glen Cambell - of the Cambell clan finest NAAW here's a double lime gimlet with GIN - give ya a doozy of a hangover thoughy - those 'flavorings... man those'll kill ya in the morning,
~geo Steve . :"I will leave my footprints there to lie beneath the snow" ~gl
Quote to ponder: "A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed." ~ Henrik Ibsen
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