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Default Re: - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Originally Posted by RM View Post
Well......let me be your first customer...(I assume a prize is merited).

What's the house specialty ?
as a matter of fact - you DO win a door prize - RALPHE bring it dat old door frame we busted out in da remodel e ? We gots are foist patsy -uyh I mean customer, welcom soy how iz ya ?

I opened at an odd hour my first day. I don't even have the foist dollar from you'se guys yet to have the chambre a horrors put it in da frame, ya know waddeye mean ? e ? lol

OK this I think is only to work , now that I actually thought of it intelligently (stop laughing Char) if two or more of us are in here simultaneously; OR one person leaves a post like , well, duh like you guys did

Madaam, The Housse Spesiality isss Pigs Ears. Fried to a crackly crunch. Dogs love em, but danged if we can't get a humannn in hya. No, actually the house specialty is a club sandwich, served by the fireplace in the club chirs at a reversible poker table. E're you go lady - ejoys it ewhile de meat and cheaze are still goid.
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