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Default Re: Orillia Opera House - GL Auditorium

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
JJ underestimates his numerous talents..his "Friends of Lightfoot" video from 2001 has many wonderful connections of images and music..all very subtle but the impact is huge..
He sat here last week and played piano/Lightfoot tunes for 2 hours while we talked and I played with Harry. It was a lovely visit..
It was around this time last year when he paid me a cool visit also while I was in Toronto. We sat and sang songs in drop D, DADGAD, and even standard tuning. He did the most fantastic version of "You'll Still Be Needing Me" (track # 12, disc 1 in the "Songbook" collection). It was a magical afternoon. We were in the home, and he got to meet my late friend, Big Joe Mufferaw. Joe was the real guy who posed as "Big Joe Mufferaw" on Stompin Tom's recording "Stompin Tom Meets Big Joe Mufferaw." I don't mind giving Tom a mention here as I know he and Gord are friends, although they did celebrate their differences on occasion as well. Gord often gives him a mention at his concerts. Happy Paddy's Day to all. RJ.
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