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Default Re: Orillia Opera House - GL Auditorium

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
JJ - I was going to ask you about the show but you mesmerized me with yer piano playing when you were here .. I'll be waiting till the cows come home if you're gonna post it..just drop by again with a copy on your way to or from the folks..Harry was such a doll last week..must take after momma..

James - I'm pretty sure a lot of the folks in Orillia really have no idea about Lightfoot's's up to you to educate them!
Absolutely Char. Did you take note on the video of how he took "That Same Old Obsession" and twirled it's winding wove around those 88's like Chopin does in some of his piano concertos? JJ, you never cease to amaze me the way you keep coming up with such great stuff. Looking forward big time to May. Cheers, RJ.
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