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Default Re: IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND DOC airing in London,England

All very interesting pity that I cannot get there.Yesterday I had noticed as evidently had Char a posting on the Gordon Lightfoot Gold Facebook page (posted by John Kamau Savill) in which he reported:
Got my ticket! Gordon's film is being shown in LONDON (UK) first UK debut! to limited audience and includes a Q&A session with the Director(?) c/o Curzon Cinemas one night only 7th November at 18-30 (6-30 pm) Soho Cinema Screen 3- 50% seem sold out already. Follow link, join as temporary member (free) and book, alternatively phone UK 03333210104 for booking office. I had to as they had problem with their website. Tickets 16-90 or 15-40
for seniors (over 60)
+ 2-00 phone booking fee VERY sorry its late! Book now
This morning I have found a relevant web page on the cinema's website at

it features a larger photo (917x512 pixels) that I am having trouble posting here
plus some IMHO rather nice text
Gordon Lightfoot: If you could read my mind + Q&A | UK Premiere
In Canada's history, there are few people who signified the nation's modern confidence in its arts more than Gordon Lightfoot.
This singer-songwriter's singular talent in music changed the world's opinion of Canada's culture with his tremendous variety of songs that both celebrated the nation and touched its soul.
Sparing nothing about Lightfoot's personal weaknesses and failures as well as his triumphs, this film covers Lightfoot's career from his own words and his closest associates with recordings of his greatest hits
I also found
"Curzon Soho is known as the filmmakers cinema because it’s the kind of venue where you could find yourself sitting next to a screenwriter or director" ....
"Soho hosts regular director Q&As, documentary events, previews and often has exhibitions linked to the films being screened"
BUT it is kinda small for a cinema and truly "limited":-
"In 1998, the cinema was divided into a three screen complex and renamed Curzon Soho. With a fully licensed bar on the mezzanine level, the venue has proved hugely successful, voted London’s Number One cinema by Time Out readers
Screen Capacities & Access:
Screen 1
- 249 seats, 4 of which removable for 2 wheelchair spaces (front row of rear seating section).
Screen 2 - 113 seats plus 1 wheelchair space (front row
Screen 3 - 133 seats, 4 of which removable for 2 wheelchair spaces (back row).
so a grand total of only 495 seats (less at least 8 to be removed to accomodate wheelchairs!!
(So if you caanot get a seat better hire a wheelchair and a helper!!)
Here is another photo on that Curzon web page showing some punters hoping to get in??
OOPS wrong cinema wrong film (Soho always was a rather sleazy area of London!!!)

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