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While on a trip to Acadia National Park in Maine, I did a side trip to see the Bangor Lumberjacks Baseball team in Bangor, Maine.

And of course, like in all baseball games, there is music between the innings. One inning they started to play "sundown" as it is unusal to hear a Gordon Lightfoot song at a baseball game today. As the song started out, it has that guitar beginning, but then, the vocal was someone doing the words in "spoken" rap and very clearly. And the chorus was the normal chorus from the song. It was interesting to hear, as I have no idea who did that version of Sundown, as I don't follow rap nor do I plan to buy that recording.

I did email the baseball team to see if they could help me in who this singer is.

If I hear from them, which I don't think I will, I will let all know about it.

Mike Marmer
Germantown, Maryland
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