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Default Re: San Francisco Examiner interview ''Grandpa donít take no holidays!''

While you don't see why, and I respect that, I can say that I was concerned when he was deathly ill and that he has come back to this point with a new marriage, another grandchild and a great grandchild on the way.
Being a devoted fan since i was a teen and am now pushing 64, it does 'concern' me that he has chosen to make a healthy lifestyle choice. And I couldn't be happier..
Why my/our concern about how he takes care of himself is a concern to you, concerns me. lol.
His personal business affects his musical business and I'd like to see him onstage as long as possible and when he stops I hope he lives a long happy life..
He doesn't have to, but when I see him he 'concerns' himself with how I am and how my daughter is if she isn't with me.
It's being human..I always ask him (and most people I meet) 'how are you?'..
I care. I'm interested. I'm human.
Hope that clears it up..
btw - hope you're well! (I won't ask tho.. )
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