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Default Re: Richmond setlist etc

Well I got beat to the punch on the set list from Richmond. That's OK. Although I was set to work in a great joke about My Inspiration Lady writing down "Roberta Bound" in the darkness. But I had an hour plus drive home.

Ken has said it well, but I'll add a couple of things.

We were 4 rows back just off to Gord's left. The early sound mix, to my ear, had the guitars weak and Barry way too heavy. The drums drowned out the vocal on, "hand me my grip..." in Triangle. I'm not sure what acoustic guitar Terry's playing now, but the amplified tone wasn't very "woody." Which may have nothing to do with the guitar itself. Someone closer to the stage said something to the guitar tech at the break and things did sound better, to my guitarist ear, in the second half.

Gord's D18 sounded fine. And I was able to get a good look at the apparent buckle rash patching on the back. (Note to the Toronto guitar folks that got the great answers from the shop on the pickguards, ask about the back of that D18 if you can.) Gord seemed to play the standard 12 a little softly. It appeared to me, as a guitar player, that he was taking it very easy with his right hand, although his finger style on the Martin was strong. By the second half though and on the "D" tuned 12, for "Rain", which he called, "His special guitar," he was digging in wonderfully.

The guitars were excellent on "Painter", "Spanish Moss", "Shadow" and "Beautiful."

"Minstrel of the Dawn" "Never too Close" and SM were nice surprises to me. I guess I just didn't expect them.

My wife and I had some very nice seat neighbors, (that may soon be joining us here on the site.) One was from Toronto and now breeds horses in Virginia. He was a long time fan. His wife played the guitar and we both remarked about the "D" tuned 12 on "Rain." The lady to my right, who if I caught it correctly, was from near Carefree Arizona, really enjoyed herself. Spanish Moss and several others moved her to tears.
I've never experienced that at a Gord show. I guess I need more enlightenment from lady fans on their feelings for the man and his music.

Mostly the crowd was a bunch of 50+ folks that had a very good time.

Watchman and Bill enjoy yourselves.
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