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Default Episode of TV Show "Hotel" (1988) with Gordon Lightfoot

Here is a link to the episode of the TV series "Hotel" in which Gordon Lightfoot had an acting role:

The episode is about 48 minutes long and first aired in January 1988. In the episode, Lightfoot plays Joe Daniels, a country singer who has battled alcoholism and is trying to resurrect his career with a concert at the St. Gregory Hotel. Before the concert, Daniels receives a visit from his estranged son.

(The episode also features Tippi Hedren, who appears in a different subplot. In the 1960s, Hedren starred in the movies "The Birds" and "Marnie" which were directed by Alfred Hitchcock.)

From 14:05 to 14:20 and from 15:27 to 16:32, Lightfoot sings parts of "Stay Loose".

From 45:39 to 46:46, Lightfoot sings the following lines from "A Lesson in Love":

"There can be no inhibitions, no prima donna ways
There is no rhyme or reason, just a time for each and every one
End of my story, the lessons to the wind
We will meet you in streets of gold where eternity begins
Life was meant to live and learn, a lesson in love, a lesson in love"

(The line "End of my story, the lessons to the wind" is a variation of the line "End of my story, the rest is history" from the version of "A Lesson in Love" included on Lightfoot's "East of Midnight" album.)

At 22:55, the general manager of the St. Gregory Hotel (played by James Brolin) tells Joe Daniels "Everybody seems to want you to win".

I wonder if Lightfoot had that line in the back of his mind when he wrote the following lyric in his song "Shellfish": "when it comes down to me
And all of my kin, all they want to do is win".

In my view, Lightfoot did a fine job of acting in the show.

I also found on YouTube a 17-minute video which has only the parts of the episode in which Lightfoot appears: (The scenes from the episode which deal with the subplot that features Lightfoot, but in which Lightfoot does not appear, are NOT included in the 17-minute video.)
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