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Default Re: Favourite Song on "Solo" Album

Hello everyone Borderstone here.

First , have to pardon my absence these past many weeks. My marriage ,
my work and this whole scary world wide situation has kept me off the internet 'a lot'.

The other thing is, I can really only do this site on my home PCand when I get home from work being on a computer and telephone all day , the last thing I feel like doing is turning on another computer. Lol.

Things here in AZ are slowly starting re-open and as for me , as mentioned, I've been working and I'm one of the few out there that still 'goes' from home to work. Thankfully , it's a short light rail train ride only 3 miles from here. Yes, covering my face and wearing gloves...which I hate.

Anyway, I came here to talk about the 'Solo' album.

My wife got it from Amazon for me a few days
ago and I've listened to it twice so far and plan to always listen to it.

I'll make it simple, I love all of these songs!
The top favorites , I've already ranked in this order though . :

1. Do You Walk , Do You Talk
2. Just A Little Bit
3. Why Not Give It a Try ?
4. The Laughter We Seek
5. Return To Dust
6. Oh So Sweet
7. Easy Flo
8. Better Off
9. Dream Drift
10. E Motion

That's not an "Awesome to sucks" list by the way, as many of you know, the margin of how much I like each song, is a pretty thin one. I give the whole album a rating of "10"

I think it's a refreshing change of pace to just hear Gordon and his guitar and while , no surprise here, some of the songs remind me of his well known classics, it's still a very good album.

I take Gordon 'as is' because yes, I know , he doesn't sound the same as he did but , we can't do anything about that. Much as we wish he'd never started smoking or used any alcohol , he made his choices.

I'd love for him to sound exactly like he did ...but it's not possible. ....but in closely listening to the songs, I do hear traces of that voice in places. Even more amazing , also while listening , I can hear in my mind , his original voice ,sining these new words.

Which means that , I know him well.

No, I don't mean the times I've met him after concerts and talked to him. That's not long enough to know him personally....but, I (and I would hope all of us here) know him well enough musically , to be able to do that same thing and one other thing.

One, to imagine him singing these songs (and Harmony's) in the way we heard him then ...but also , be true enough fan (and I will even say a true friend) to accept how he sounds now.

I also say friend because Gordon's songs , music and especially Gordon himself , has meant a lot to us, so much so, that we kind of consider him a friend of sorts. Our friends (and family) don't always do things we like ...but we accept them anyway.

I accept Gordon , then and now and further on.

I encourage you all to buy the album and listen to the words and the music and please , remember , we've gone through so much with Gordon in his life and career.....this album should be just as much a part of it. We are his fans...and distant but close friends.
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