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Default youtube playlist test

I have found that there are several complete movies (or television ptrograms) on YouTube that are far larger than the normal 15 minutes maximum allowed to be uploaded (earlier that limit was only 10 minutes) so if not in a single file (as for example the brilliant 1971/1972 BBC GL concert which has been uploaded somehow as two roughy 30 minute halves) is presented as a number of files that are each under the 15 minute maxiumim. I have also found thst in some cases the uploader had also created a "playlist" which if opened will play the complete movie as a single entity moving almosr seamlessly from part to part.
Furthermore the psge containg the platlist also has the usual "embed" code facility thus the complete movie or file could be embedded on ones own webpage. This test thread is to find out if pasting in the basic YouTube URL for the playlist here will cause the URL to be parsed and the YouTube video displayed as usual.
As a test example I have selected a film version of a Nevil Shute novel called "Pied Piper". this 1942 produced film is watchable on YouTube either as 8 roughly 10 ninute split segments or as the complete film via this playlist
OK It does NOT Parse. Plesse see my reply to my own posting

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