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Default Re: Interview of GL by Robbie Lane - Friday, March 13 - 9 to 10 p.m. ET

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
Thanks, Charlene, for posting the link.​ (The video of Robbie Lane's 15-minute interview of Lightfoot included a few bits that were edited out of the one-hour radio program that aired on Zoomer Radio.​)

When Robbie Lane asked Lightfoot "What is the number one song in your head from Gordon Lightfoot?", I was a bit surprised that Lightfoot responded that he felt his "best" song was "A Passing Ship".​

When Robbie Lane asked Lightfoot to name Lightfoot's favourite song from the "Solo" album, I was also a bit surprised ​when Lightfoot answered "Easy Flo". (In an interview with Markos Papadatos earlier this year (, Lightfoot had named "Better Off" as his favourite song from the album.)

​In any event, it was great to hear (on the radio program) "Easy Flo" a few days before the album is released. Of the three songs from the "Solo" album that I have heard so far ("Oh So Sweet", "Why Not Give It A Try" and "Easy Flo"), my favourite is "Oh So Sweet".

It was interesting to learn from the interview that Lightfoot felt that, if he had added band arrangements for the songs on the "Solo" album, it would have taken "two and a half years" to complete the album.

Lightfoot mentioned in the interview that, in addition to the ten songs that are included on the "Solo" album, he has "four or five more tunes left over actually right now". It would be great if those tunes eventually get released to the public!

In case anyone is interested, below are the songs that were played during the one-hour radio program (listed in the order in which they were played):​

If You Could Read My Mind​
Why Not Give It A Try​
Oh So Sweet​
A Passing Ship​
Easy Flo​
Early Morning Rain (1966 version)​
Go Go Round​
The Circle Is Small (1978 version)​
A Painter Passing Through (version from the "All Live" album)​
Home From The Forest​

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