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Default Re: BBC Concert 1972

I found myself not watching - just listening - GL has always been much more an audio thing for me than visual. So the things I noticed were in the sound. And considering there were a couple of lyrical goofs on Gord's part I can see how perfectionist Gord might not want this out there. I bet he wasn't happy to have them aired in the first place. But it was interesting to see how Red and Rick covered for the goofs. But when on Farewell to Nova Scotia, when Gord sang the verses out of order, and the final verse came early, I was very interested in hearing how they "get out of that one" so to speak. Not knowing how the arrangement of that song was typically performed at that time, it's hard to say how well they did, Red's ending licks seemed a bit improvised, but still sufficient.

I'd thought I'd heard this one before, but I guess I was wrong. I'm glad to have it out there, it was a great show. I'll probably try the torrent next, (did the youtube thing first - and by the way, how was that possible, I thought you clips that long weren't allowed on youtube??) and then copy the audio tracks.

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