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Default Re: BBC Concert 1972

JJ you've picked up a lot of subtleties that I've missed. I will be watching for those things the next time I watch. No retina screen, but it looks great on the iPad. That's one of many nice things about managing music on a computer these days. Playlists and such are so easy to experiment with. Mr. Lightfoot had mentioned on more than one occasion that the order of the songs on Cold on the Shoulder were all wrong, so I have tried to switch things around a few times just for the fun of it. The only thing I've done that worked for me was to start with what was the second side of the original LP as that was how I used to listen to it Oh so many years ago.

I am a Mac user as well and used DVD Remaster to extract the audio to an aif and then Sound Studio to separate the tracks. Neither of these programs are free but there are several on both the Mac and PC side that are free including handbrake and final vinyl. I've gotten into repurposing a lot of my old LP's to digital as well as recording Austin City Limits shows and extracting the audio.
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