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Default Re: BBC Concert 1972

Originally Posted by banjobench12 View Post
Dare I ask how to make a cd of this? I'd live to get it in my itunes library
If you have it in mp4 format (previous advice was to use Handbrake to do this using vob files as the source) then

Myself, I generate files in aif format which iTunes converts to mp3 upon import

Interesting, Mark. I took liberty in resequencing songs when I realized BBC had done same to some degree although he does close with CRT

Notice him drop to his knees after that?
Notice Red change tuning of low string after the first number?
Notice Rick mouthing backing box in SSOL?
Notice Gord blow smoke before MOTD?
Notice the guitar change that was, and wasn't?

Gord seemed to pull out a flatpick before taking to the stool for Affair but he's fingerpicking throughout that one, no?

I wouldn't mind seeing Gord periodically take to the stool these days...Rick too
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