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Default Re: - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Hey there guys - all of you who were gracious enough to come into the thread several times, I say - Thank You.

Today. simply put - w/o histrionics on medical or other stuff you'd rather not here, my day got turned completely upside down, simply stated by 'medical issues' - dang it and I wanted to talk near real-time with you good guys today - and others, too - -last few days the short list - by no means comprehensive - Patti & Lynn, Dave, Mende, Char, Ron - in lyrics -and i think formerlyLavender - had a few off-line (lyrics wise) thoughts it seemed, which we could talk about in here.

- I just gotta figure out how to have any of you who tried today - and all my other friends in corfid...could not possibly list 'em all other than the last three LONG responses of mine in lyrics, those fun talks about 'what was in the chest when I opened it - still to talk of yet' -ppl Patti,Lynn, Dave, Ron, ithers - and all ppl who had kindly made some enjoyable non-lyrics/comments in lyrics - I just wish I could get 'em in here too have 'off-line' talk as we called it in gIS - a neighbor to 'I.T.' - down the hall of my old workplace-type-lingo I guess, which is not what I am all about (Gis - the G - is what I am all about work-wise, but not more than part-time talk on-line - too much really - my 'G'is comments lol, it'll happen in good time IF people are of a mind to enoy the same, we'll see. Anyway the overly-long blabberties were not others, it was MY long posts got out of hand for gaming continuity - Ron wisely pointed out, and correct, too - over 1/2 the provocation for opening shop here. - to whom I wrote longish replies over the last several days - I hope to talk in here with you - as well as bumping into in Lyrics more focused (me) on the game, and bring MY 'should-be off-line blabberty-blabberty' in here.

I am starting to talk circular, so I should close shortly here (ha ! SAYS THE PEANUT GALLERY). Thank you all again who tried during the day - if only I could have been on line at the time...awake and in my groove, despite - my showing logged in - not so head-wise lol (BTW - I OFTEN have -er..for medical reasons- appeance of being on-line logged-in , me-wise-versus my log-in - which I chronically do not have the chance or memory to do-
LOG-OUT's that is,) not possible for -one {more} time I'll say it, then avoid it -for your guy's sake - Seizures - 1/2 hr up to 7 hours lon, as they are quite innocuous - other than being frozen statue stiff, and either falling out my chair if my C.G. is over past my 'center of sitting/standing - then I fall - don't know it till I come to...can be as i said 1/2 hr to several hours - later - and the whole time - I appear to be logged in - cause I could not log out when .... things happen

Well I wanted to get them/all of you near real-time in here - and I keep... missing... the... mark..... Well call today a bust - life turned upside down - circadian rythm and all - medical things, but want so bad to talk off-line with all of you that posted - I have a real-life question for BILLW - and all of you - plus all my other 'posse' of friends in corfid - lyrics and others - you all today who posted over the last 3-4 days or so on fascinating 'center desk drawer talk' insider-wise to the posts- and maybe 10 -12 others I hope I can really talk in here with. 'Feel-good talk' is what I hope we can all enjoy despite being in a non-chat non IRC 'channel'.

Thanks guys - will talk in here as possible for me and all of you - whenever it comes see you all then/whenever

Anyway- I am open to whatever the nature of ppl coming in are all about.- tal-wise/need-wise and those who were takin too talking in lyrics - and the game was getting obscured by MY long responses, not your posts - so I figured I'll move the enjoyable/nostalgic tomes of mine in hear - and hope the other end of 'em follow - it'll take more than one day to get that going. So if I miss ya the first 4 - 5 times you 4 tried valiantly and patiently today - and I was out like a light til just earlier - then when Char came on around midnight her time - I get cauht on the phone from friends who called - and I miss the first real-tike chance to converse - oh well it'll happen if it shoud - if ppl want to talk as I envisionedin hear - not sure.... - please don't give up..
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