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Default Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

Char - yes congrats- CRT !

Joveski - interesting - I'll just take yer word for it its in that too, but the one i took it from is: uhm......-
Hint: one of the 18 rarities on songbook this'll do it "the barman plays..the songs we know..." now u guys will get that one too. I'll not challenge it being in "I'll do it again" - I'll politely take your word for it I'm not here to prove ppl wrong....had not considered an ambiguity case though !and

Joveski Q3:
yes! golden parie - Crossroads - my favourite "working man's song" from my lumber u got it.

OK we still have
.... a bit of allright...
.... nails...... to go

hints on these 2 hardest: (as brown as..( )....rusty nails)

and: ( and i together.. ( )... a bit of allright)

if these last 2 grow stale I'll do six more by this later PM

'first shot at it was shootin' in the dark, as i had the advantage of hearing 'em in my mind when i write the Q - i of course know the answer as i write the Q

I am avoiding any lyrics searches - so as to enjoy it myself too, i like to challenge my memory...... i hope that angle is fun for you guys too.... cause the first person that does a lyrics search will take the cake home - too easy LOL

geo steve

JohninCt yes! I keep coming back for more of the same to fan the dying flame - u got it buddy.

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