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Default Re: posting pics tutorial

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
and I still don't know how to post a pic the old way..i recall when i did know telling people how to in about 2 sentences...
NOT OK! my mini tutorial might look in a cursory glimpse a bit lengthy by comparison but I thought I had covered both the "Old" way using the Bulletin Board code [img]imageURL[/img] and the "New" improved way using the later "insert image icon" method .You claim not to know how to use the "Old " way but why would you even want to?? how about forgetting it and using the "New" way
here is one such topical use of it (displaying an image recently uploaded (that I am now using for storage purposes) by somebody else to Facebook from where I got its URL)
A further tutorial on how to do just that is "in the works"
For reference Facebook image URLs are quite complex and lengthy

(the Bulletin Board will shorten it in fact the original complete URL that I pasted in below is over 160 characters LONG:- g?oh=edff1265a88e71b85076ee40e2599e47&oe=56EAF5D3

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