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OK, I shall share some more insights. Next up, is TC's favourite author. He was a subject matter expert on his works. Anyone hazard to take a guess?

Thanks for taking the trouble to share your feedback, people.

jj, The two butchers I liked the best: one was a "Mom and Pop" on Davis Drive, half-way toward Yonge Street. They closed in the late 80's (They tried moving into the new Mall, Upper Canada Square. It didn't work out, so they retired.). The other was a farmer, who lived just north of the Clements', on Bayview. His lamb and beef were magnificant. That farm has long since been developed. The Clements lived on the west side of a golf course, in Aurora, until the late 80's, when they moved up to Newmarket, just north of Davis Drive. The windows at the old place were always getting hit by golf balls. The activities of the Golfers kept the whole family "on their toes". That house is gone, too. The golf course may have been developed, by now. Status unkown.

I, myself, attended Pickering College, in Newmarket, from 70-74, as a boarder. When I first got to Newmarket, it was a sleepy little town of about 1,500 souls. The town ended where Main Street ended, on the north side and there was only little to the west (a few residences, little shopping), along Davis Drive. Yonge Street was nothing but farms. By the time I had left for University, in 74, the population had quadrupled. When I was a student, Pickering College had a huge, working farm, out back. By the mid-90's, what was once good farmland was now carpeted with housing, as far as the eye could see. The last time I had visited the area, around 2003, to call on Terry and other old friends, the area had become virtually unrecognizable to me- except for my alma mater and some other landmarks.

Yes, for better or worse, the character of the region has changed. No stopping "progress", I suppose.
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