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Default Re: Lightfoot covers

I've collected a lot of GL covers over the years. Some faithful to Gordie's original reditions, others radically different... I usually like them.

Hell, I have a live recording my father participating in a (rather rough) group performance of For Lovin' Me.

OK, a couple of covers I've heard, I don't like, but most of them I feel are well done and I don't mind that those artists took the effort to cover those tunes.

(I hate to say this, but "modern", 'whiney, popping female voices' are not to my taste, so when Taylor Mitchell covered one of my favorite GL tunes "Love and Maple Syrup" in that style... while I liked the choice of tune, as for the performance, I was not bowled over. THEN, I was rather horrified when she met a tragic end not long after... )

Then as I relisten to that track, I notice the one just above it in my folder, the Tannahill Weavers' cover of Marie Christine. Another good example of a radically different interpretation of one of Gord's tunes.
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