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Default Re: TOP 10 Massey Hall concerts & memories from artists/fans

D, she's American and a real talent, but Luke is the one I first recall decade ago ... I later saw them both at Massey in Sarah McLachlan's back up band, maybe mid 90s... hey had a kid (musician now) then and wed last decade about when the Whitehorse duo launched ... he often uses loopers, clever

i always though he looked like LIGHTFOOT! Gord when he was younger ... here is a cool quote from him after covering Sundown a while back:

"There was a tribute to Gordon Lightfoot at Nathan Philips Square [in Toronto] a few years ago and I did "Early Morning Rain." That was my first real exposure to Lightfoot because I didn't grow up with him. My parents were listening to The Band, Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Waits, but they weren't listening to Lightfoot. After I was asked to do this tribute, I started to listen to a bunch of his records and immediately fell in love with his songwriting. The funny thing about that gig is that [folk veteran] Brent Titcomb was at that event and I turned around to look at him backstage while I was singing "Early Morning Rain"; Brent had this look on his face like he had seen a ghost. Afterwards I asked him, "Hey man, what's going on? You look a little thrown off?" And he said, "Do you have any idea how much you look like Gordon Lightfoot?"

It never occurred to me, but there was this connection. I love discovering or unearthing a love affair between myself and another artist that I wasn't aware of. I have huge black holes in my music listening and I'm just trying to fill them in once in a while."

i like their cover of this Dylan classic - she has a sweet style - they gel

( Fillion production are tasty, well lit and wonderfully captured audio )

i really love her video Passenger 24 and Skyway Bridge ( with Keelor from Blue Rodeo)

my first memory of Massey was finest, as is often the case with any building ( i was 7 when I first entered Maple Leaf Garden, same with Maple Lead Stadium, 8 for CNE Stadium, etc) where I was positioned in the upper corner Gallery for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra ... over the next few weeks I was inspired mess with trombone, then to tinkle at the basement piano ... so thx Massey ... I guess in a few years the ladies wont have to wait so long to pee at intermission ... you always saw them drinking wine instead of beer, it made sense, less volume

char could write a book on her times there ... early ELO, etc ... tales her thoughts could tell

and ron jones needs to write an auto bio .... our minstrel of the dusk

happy 4th, D + fellow United States of Americans
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