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Default Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...

This week, I emailed Claire again to ask if the Lightfoot Tribute concerts would be re-starting soon. Her reply was: "It looks like our show is not going to continue. We all have other commitments now and we are scattered across Wollongong, Shoalhaven and Canberra. Here’s hoping you find another tribute show. I’m sure someone will pick up the idea soon."

Disappointed! If I had known this tour would never reach my state Victoria, I would have travelled the 800Km (500 miles) north-east to one of the concerts in the state of New South Wales. That's a much shorter journey than the 16,000Km (10,000 miles) I travelled to Wisconsin for Gord's 30Mar2008 concert.

Claire must realise the likelihood that "someone will pick up the idea soon" is a million to one. The previous time Australia had a tour of Lightfoot music was when Gord himself did his one Aussie tour in 1974!
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