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Default Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...

More information from Gary Luck, who is involved with the "Sundown" tour.

"The show went well in Wollongong last month and I was very lucky to have been able to team up with Claire and the rest of our gang to do that. Now that I am back from overseas, I am thinking ahead to future tours and gigs in the Melbourne area (my old home town). I have had a dream ever since knowing for sure that Gord would never make it back here of putting a show together and taking the Lightfoot Story around Australia. It is such a great story, as you know, not to mention the great music that goes with it! Would love to do some big gigs in Melbourne, as I know that the folks in that city would get right behind it if it was marketed and promoted well. I guess that's my job to figure out for the rest of this year. Lead times in this business are about six months anyway. The shows in Wollongong and Canberra were a good start and having just got back from overseas via Broome of all places, I am convinced that a tour of the Top End would also work if properly publicised, but of course the major population centres are the real target markets."
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