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Default Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...

The band is from Wollongong and Canberra, both north of Melbourne (and our state Victoria), but south of Sydney. I am keen to attend their "Sundown" show, so I emailed Claire Roberts, manager of HiViz Event Management & Promotions, and asked if they are bringing the show to Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria. Here is some information she provided.

They are performing a reduced version of the show at the Girgarre Moosic Muster, which runs from Friday 6Jan2017 to Sunday 8Jan2017, but they don't yet know if they're performing on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Girgarre is in northern Victoria, between Shepparton and Echuca, so about 150Km (90 miles) north of Melbourne. Claire believes admission is free.

They're probably performing the entire "Sundown" show during the same week at Kyvalley, which is also between Shepparton and Echuca. I would prefer to go to this show, rather than the reduced show at Girgarre.

They are keen to take the show on to Melbourne, but this would depend on funding the extra travel and accommodation etc and hasn't yet been discussed in depth. (I believe Melbourne would provide Australia's biggest audience for a Lightfoot tribute show, based on Gord's popularity in Melbourne in the 1970s and our 4 million residents' recent support of tours by other 1970s music acts, including Cat Stevens/Yusuf, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, James Taylor & Carole King, Jethro Tull and tribute concerts to Van Morrison and James Taylor.)

I urge Joveski, Sydney Steve and other Aussies lurking on Corfid to attend the "Sundown" show. Apart from Gord himself in 1974, it's probably the closest we'll get to a Lightfoot concert in Australia.

PS: The tribute band manager Claire attended one of Gord's Perth concerts in 1974. I am about to include her comments about it in a General Discussion thread titled "Gord and the Tasmanian devil".

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