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Default Re: Richmond setlist etc Addendum

Greetings all! Thought I'd add a few things I left out of my original post.

I know some of you are interested in Gord's wardrobe, so here's what I can remember: For the first set he came out with the usual dark jeans, along with a white dress shirt with subtle stripes. On top he was wearing a bright red velvet coat. In the second set he switched to a dark silk vest. I also noticed that Gord had a bandaid on the base of his right thumb. It didn't seem to affect his playing at all and he never mentioned it.

As to earlier comments about the mix. I also thought that the mix on Terry's guitar was a bit low for my taste, but I always feel that way - I always turn up Terry's solos when I play the recordings. So, knowing that it's usually that way in concert, I figured that they had the sound just where Gord wanted it. As to the drums, my wife remarked that they were a little hot in the mix. But, what I noticed was that I was hearing the drums from their direct sound, not from the speakers - so there slight prominence was likely due to the fact that we were in row C. Farther back in the house, I'm sure that they were better balanced. But, all things considered, I'd say that the sound was among the best I've heard at a Lightfoot concert.

On a couple of songs, e.g. Alberta Bound Gord drop a verse or two. Also, a couple of times he ran one song right into the next without much of a pause - almost as if they were evolving into mini-medleys. The examples of this that I remember are Ribbon of Darkness into Sundown where he ended with a long expectant pause (like the one in Trilogy) right after the final "ribbon of darkness......" He never did sing the final "over me". He just paused and then launched into Sundown. The other mini-medley was Spanish Moss into Shadows.

Twice Gord mentioned "really facing the music". One was in reference to returning home to one of his wives after a concert tour. The other was when he talked about the Richmond concert coming after a tour break so they could go home and "really face the music".

Several audience members left requests on the stage. The only one he seemed to take notice of was the LP cover of Endless Wire left with a Sharpie for autographing.

Glad to see there was at least one other Corfid'er at the Richmond concert.

Ken Wilson
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