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Default Richmond setlist etc

Just back from the Richmond VA concert. First the set list then some comments:

Cotton Jenney
14 kt Gold
Never Too Close
In My Fashion
Painter Passing Through
Spanish Moss
Carefree Highway
Hangdog Hotel Room
Ribbon of Darkness
Watchman's Gone
Wreck of the Edmund Fitz.
Alberta Bound
Don Quixote
If Children Had Wings
Clouds of Loneliness
Waiting For You
Minstral of the Dawn
If You Could Read My Mind
Baby Step Back
Early Morning Rain
Blackberry Wine
Old Dan's Records

Gord seemed to be in a great mood - no doubt to the two weeks of rest he's had since the last concert. He talked a lot. Although he looked more gaunt than when I last saw him two years ago, his voice was fine. He seemed to require less of a warm up than the last couple of times I've seen him. The vast Richmond landmark theater was about 3/5 full, which didn't surprise me since the concert was added rather late to his schedule (THANKS VAL FOR THE HEADSUP!) and the local promoters did a very poor job of promoting the concert until almost the last week. Also it was a Wednesday night - Gord remarked that he was greatful that so many turned out on a rainy Wednesday night. Gord also remarked on how much he liked the venue - an old ornate Masonic auditorium from the 30's that's been restored. The sound mix (we were in the center orchestra section, row C) was about the best I've heard. As usual (for me) Terry was a bit low in the mix, but everybody was crystal clear and well balanced. The audience, though smaller than I would have liked to have seen, was very enthusiastic, but well behaved. I could tell that at least some of them were long time fans because one guy shouted out a request for the Yarmouth Castle!
Well, as you can see by the set list, Gord did not do YC, but he did do a few surprises, including If Children Had Wings and Ribbon of Darkness. Unfortunately he did not do Trilogy.
For the first time that I can remember, after the encore, he came back out alone to the microphone to give a sincere thank you to the audience, many of whom had given him many standing ovations throughout the concert. Among Gord's comments: He said that Clouds of Loneliness was his favorite song off that albumn; He mention that they were starting a SE tour so he did Spanish Moss because it was inspired by a lady he met in Charleston - He wondered outloud what she would look like now, 35 years later. After the guy shouted out the request for Yarmouth Castle, God said that that was where he learned about writing ship wreck songs. He mentioned that he wrote If Children Had Wings for his "first Ex-Old Lady" and Waiting For You for his "second Ex Old Lady." Both Terry and Mike got applause for solos during the concert.

So, the SE leg of the tour is off to a great start! Those of you at the nest concerts are in for a treat!

Ken Wilson
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