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Default Re: Terry's McGlincy, A correction.

A correction: Ed McGlincy made a Dreadnought for Gord (see his on the cover of Dream Street Rose and Waiting For You (on the backcover)), then a modified 00 for Terry. Then, he made a Dreadnought for me. (It took him almost two years to complete mine. He completed the work in '83, if memory serves me.) If you look at the pictures posted on this site, you will clearly see them being played. If you have seen TC in concert, since 81', you have likely seen him play his McGlincy. I lent mine to TC, for a while, in the mid-80's. Terry played mine on stage. I am given to understand Gord has played mine. Look for the unique peaked headstock...This is Ed's "signature"...He also made one for Johnny Cash and one for Dylan, if I am not mistaken.
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