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Toronto Sun - Letters to Editor
today's paper.
Terry’s guitar silenced

What? No mention of the Feb. 20 death of guitarist Terry Clements? For more than 40 years Terry was one of the essential sounds that made Gordon Lightfoot sound like Gordon Lightfoot. Clements was a huge talent who learned the ultimate skill — playing so artfully that he stayed in the background and let the star shine through. Any of us who play understand the huge talent Terry was. C’mon. You’re T.O. Give him a proper send off. Gord and the other members of the band must be devastated. Lightfoot is Canada to many people around the world. To music fans it isn’t just Gord, it’s also the band — Rick Haynes, Terry, Red Shea (another loss), Pee Wee Charles, Barry Keane and Mike Heffernan. RIP, Terry Clements. And thanks for all the music.

Ed Mullen

There has been nothing in the papers/tv etc. here other than online on CBC and CTV yesterday. I guess if the family/EMP don't put anything out there to publish then it's not something the press can write about it.
While this is personally sad news to us here on the WWW it's not anywhere else. There are 5 million people in the GTA (Great Toronto Area) and almost 50% or even a bit more of that poulation are immigrants who probably know nothing of Lightfoot or his band. Many others in the population, of all ages don't either. That's the reality of it.
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