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charlene 01-21-2011 01:46 PM

Hugh's Room-Lightfoot Celebration-Jan.2011-The Way We Feel-Report is posted!
I'm off to Toronto for 3 nights of celebrating Lightfoot and his music!
Another terrific line-up of talent organized by the ever adorable and always talented Jory Nash!
Mr. Lightfoot will be singing a few tunes on Sunday...

Be good!
I'll check in when I can..
ignore the SPAM..

Moosedog 01-21-2011 02:07 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
Have fun! :)

Lisa J 01-21-2011 04:13 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
oh to be so lucky as to live near Toronto! Have a wonderful time.

lighthead2toe 01-21-2011 05:04 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
That's very true Lisa to live in that really great city. Lucky me also to be here for this gig.

I've only been to one since they began having them and boy, am I ever looking forward to this weekend.
The transportation system in Toronto is a very good one as well. From where I'm staying in Scarborough, it's about a twenty minute subway ride and the location of Hugh's Room is about a two minute walk from the "Dundas West" subway station.

Will stay posted re the turn of events. RJ.

Jenney 01-21-2011 05:34 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
Oh how I wish i was joining you this weekend!I debated and debated, as I love those shows so much. The weather this winter was my deciding factor, just can't face driving in the snow that we've been having.

Have a glass of Merlot for me Char!

redhead 01-21-2011 06:33 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
Oh, the anticipation!

Enjoy every minute, and please tell us all about it when you get back.:)

charlene 01-21-2011 06:41 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
wish you were here too Sparky!
merlot it is!
it is DAMN cold here.gawd I hate the cold.
we are heading by subway to Hugh's now...dinner/drinks then show #1.
See ya shortly RJ...Kenyon and Johanna are attending tomorrow night's show.
and you know who will be there on Sunday...
ta for now....

charlene 01-22-2011 02:12 AM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
home again, home again...well to the marriott at least...
ohmygoodness what a night...
met up with my favourite Newfie - our very own Ron Jones who enjoyed his evening to the max!
what an eclectic ensemble that Jory gathered this year!
I've got some video and audio and will capture more on the next two nights.
Had a glass of merlot for you Sparky and a couple for me too!
night one was just the beginning....two more to go..
g'nite folks...

charlene 01-23-2011 11:56 AM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
Night two was amazing...some great stories from the stage and some wildly diverse interpretations of Lightfoot tunes. He's in for a treat tonight..

jj 01-24-2011 10:27 AM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
great to hear...hope k+j and rj are very well also...they might as wel do Weds to Sat run next year as tix sales shouldn't be a prob...that 'seats with no-dinner' package you have sounds terrific:)

charlene 01-24-2011 10:58 AM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
1 Attachment(s)
omigoodness what a weekend...just trying to function on slow this morning is tough. we got home at 2:30 a.m. and I was up at 7 for the daycare kiddies..
The Man showed up last night, lookin' good and singing a few tunes with a few hugs tossed in. Jory gathered an amazingingly diverse and eclectic roster that rocked the room every night. Next years 10th anniversary show promises to be even grander!
more later....pics/videos/details to come..

We both got haircuts..lol

jj 01-24-2011 06:34 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
yet another Terrific shot to add to the CW/GL collection (you must have 20+ from different venues over the past decade?:))

one day it will be your task to put them all together as a video/power point to the song "I'll Tag Along"..

get ready...

Morgaine 01-24-2011 07:07 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
I am sooo jealous :) in a good, nice way. You are a lucky, gal!

charlene 01-24-2011 08:40 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
2 Attachment(s)
photo credit again - David Newland.. (with my camera and with flash on this year!) I love this pic despite my oh so tired eyes--little sleep the previous 2 nights does that!
and here's a pic of David with Gordon that I took!
and one of David with his adorable uke!

charlene 01-24-2011 08:45 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
2 Attachment(s)
Kenyon and fiancee Johanna and Ron Jones.
Ron Jones with performer and long time friend Ron Nigrini.

charlene 01-24-2011 08:51 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
5 Attachment(s)
Ron, me and the always adorable and uber talented Jory Nash.
Lisa with a wacky Jory...

redhead 01-24-2011 11:12 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend

We both got haircuts..lol
And you both look great...what a terrific photo! Glad to hear you had such an incredible time.

lighthead2toe 01-25-2011 01:02 AM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
Hi Folks.
Well, it's very close to being just "East of Midnight" here for this lightheaded guy and it's off to the wild majestic mountains tomorrow after a week of Gord songs topped off with three of the most amazing concerts.
You really would have to be there to describe it. I will post more when things get settled a bit.
Hopefully during the flight some of the pertinent memories will come by and my notepad will be close at hand to jot down some of those thoughts.

Char and daughter Lisa both attended all three shows and Char's presence in the room was announced from the stage by David Newland much to a huge round of applause, especially when he mentioned that Gord refers to us corfid members as "the net people."
It was cool!
Will stay posted.

charlene 01-25-2011 10:07 AM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
safe travels back home RJ...
yes it was quite nice of David to acknowledge me on two nights, for two different reasons and also mention the internet fans that Gordon calls the Net People..
more details to come...I'm working on the report..still quite knackered so I'm working on half speed.

lighthead2toe 01-27-2011 01:09 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
Well, here we are at 5:44 am (8:44 Toronto time where my biological clock still resides).

So, the gig! Yes, it was some time, believe me. Just being back there in that TO town of mine was a joy albeit the coldest week of the winter so far.

Jory Nash is one amazing and truly talented guy. To pull off something like those tribute shows with the organizing that's involved is a major feat and next year (the tenth anniversary) he's going to tag on a fourth show because of the demand. I understand his artistic friend, Angus Finnan is also involved in putting the shows together as well.

No doubt Char will have a comprehensive post coming shortly as from the vantage points I managed to secure for all three shows, I could see her taking down notes, doing the picture taking, changing the batteries in her camera; all those things she does for us here. I did buy her the odd glass of her fav Merlot, but next gig I'll be sure to include a few sets of batteries with that, as those things can eat into one's cash flow.

But to move on to the Sunday night show, the one where Gord appears.

The folks at Hugh's Room are most accommodating and when they were made aware that I had flown in from Vancouver specifically for the tribute shows, they perched me in the best places where I could see the stage perfectly and also to observe to comings and goings in the room.

For the Sunday night show they had set me on a stool, close to the back of the room, but what a vantage point. I could see a vacant table located not from where I was sitting and rightly assumed it was reserved for Gord and company, and yes, they did arrive; Gord, accompanied by Bernie Fiedler and friend.

Each act performed two songs written by Gord (except Me and Bobby Magee written by Kris Kristofferson) and there were some classic versions. Jory did a really superb job on "Knotty Pine" and I especially loved the version Jason Fowler did on "In My Fashion."

That's a song I've been hooked on and I'm still struggling with it but it's my intention to have it ready for the pub jam. (It's the recitation part that I screw up on all the time).

James Keelaghan is a big man with a big voice. He did his classic version of "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" which is on the tribute CD "Beautiful."

There was a rare version of the rare "Long Thin Dawn" which really was cool performed by a young couple (name escapes me but Char will help I'm sure) decked in "young attire." I recall the lady saying they were originally from Winnipeg, now living in Austin, Texas.

Ron Nigrini, a true gentleman with equal stage presence and one who I'm proud to call friend performed "Steel Rail Blues" and a most classic version of that most classic "If you Could Read My Mind."

Lori Cullen is dynamic performer with the sweetest of voice and did a killer version of "Your Love's Return."

Of course the "Good Brothers" were a big highlight. Their opening number "Redwood Hill" was dedicated to Colleen, the daughter of Red Shea (Gord's former lead guitar player). Colleen was present for one of the concerts

A special reference was made for Red and also of course Barry Harvey; two most influential friends involved in the career of Gordon Lightfoot.

I need to move on here as the morning light is stealing across my windowpane.

There is no backstage room at Hugh's so the entertainers have to walk through the crowd to enter and exit the stage.

On completion of their performance they would have to walk by the table where Gord was sitting and when they passed he would he would, diligently and dutifully get up from his chair, tag along, and follow them back to the dressing room to congratulate them.

Talk about a "down to earth" guy, eh?

But he did fetch his D18 from the dressing room and got up and did his thing.

He was a tad confused as to what to do up there and in his own "down to earth"way expressed that sentiment but he started with "Knotty Pine." He mentioned that Jory had performed it earlier but that he'd worked on it during the afternoon.

The place went wild of course with him up there. It was all very moving.

When he started to sing his voice was similar as the way it would sound the way it does when he starts his concerts. The pipes eventually open up and he's on his way. Char will more on his performance I'm sure.

During the intermission, the lights come on in the room and many are on their way to the washrooms etc. Lots of old guys like me with prostate problems lined up there.

Making my way back up the stairs to my perch I happen to catch a spectacular sighting of our Char, arm tightly around the waist of "Thee Man" both in beaming countenance, and why not? Two pros doing their thing!

David Newland, the MC did a spectacular job. I always learn a thing or two from guys like him. Yes David, I would be honored to nominate you for a Juno award anytime.

The end is now at hand and it's a very cold Canuck night out there. The musicians are packing up their gear and everyone is putting on their woollies. I'm still perched on my stool with my last glass of ale.

Down the stairs from the dressing room comes Gord in his usual winter jacket, D18 axe packed tightly in it's aged brown case. Bernie and friend waiting by the door and out they go. Gord sans hat and gloves (very strange for a guitar guy) and they wait for the traffic to clear and it's them across the street to the parking lot.

No "high flutin' stuff" with this crowd.

It's all about being "down to earth" and it's a great place to hang out!

Char, please fill in the blanks.

Stay loose,


charlene 01-27-2011 02:56 PM

Re: Hugh's Room - Lightfoot Celebration this weekend
Not many blanks left to fill in! Videos are almost loaded at youtube and I'm including links in my report.
It was a helluva 3 nights of the most excellent music covered by outstanding talent.
Jory and David both deserve medals/awards for maintianing the excellence and then going beyond in staging and hosting these shows. It's a testament to their professionalism and deep respect and love for all things Lightfoot that Gordon Lightfoot not only comes to the shows but gets up and graces us with a few tunes.
It just doesn't get any better than that kind of recognition.

charlene 01-27-2011 05:40 PM

Re: Hugh's Room-Lightfoot Celebration-The Way We Feel-Report is posted!
this will take a few posts!
The Way We Feel – 9th Annual Celebration of Gordon Lightfoot
Hugh’s Room, Toronto
Friday January 21, Saturday January 22 and Sunday January 23, 2011

Lisa and I headed into Toronto and arrived at the hotel at 3:30. The ride into the city on the GO train was through a mix of weather systems on our 50 minute journey. We left dark grey skies, rode into some heavy snow squalls and then into sunshine as the skyline of Toronto came into view.

I can’t believe these will be the 9th annual shows! What an amazing array of artists that have taken their love and respect for Lightfoot tunes and shared their interpretations with the audiences over the years. I am very grateful to have shared so many of those special nights. The vision of celebrating Gordon Lightfoot by Jory Nash and Aengus Finnan has become a must see annual event heading into the 10th anniversary shows next January for FOUR nights! Jan.19-22, 2012. That Gordon Lightfoot attends and graces us with a few tunes is testament to the overall excellence of the shows. As I have mentioned before these shows have introduced me to so many diverse and superbly talented musicians that have their own careers, making their own music and touring their shows. It’s been a true blessing.

We headed by subway to Hugh’s, a very familiar route now for us. Waiting at the top of the stairs that lead to the dining area I noticed some other Canadian musical royalty at one table. Sitting there were Ron Hynes and The Good Brothers. I wondered if our Ron Jones knew Ron Hynes, his long time friend was here. We were seated at a table on the main floor in front of the soundboard and about 15 feet from centre stage. Great seats!
The room slowly filled with folks who also had dinner reservations and were busy looking over the menu and ordering dinner and drinks. All three nights were sold out and there were only a few SRO spots left for Sunday night. We spoke with Jory and David and said hi to a few of the performers.

The facility used to be a house but has been converted to a dining room/bar area with a small stage tucked into the back corner. Seating capacity is about 200 people and it gets quite crowded and noisy and hot but you can wander around up by the bar where there is room to move around and get some fresh air by the front door.

Shortly before the show started our own Ron Jones came in and we spent some time with him until the lights went down and the show started. Ron was there for all three nights and bought me a few glasses of merlot over those three nights.. Thanks RJ!

On Saturday night we were joined by our darling Kenyon and his fiancée Johanna! They had a table that was right up against the stage and since Ron had SRO spot he was allowed to tuck a chair in with Kenyon and Johanna when the show began. Lisa and I were just a couple of tables away from them. It was terrific to see the ‘about to be newlyweds’ and hear about their plans. As several of the ladies here know, we think of Kenyon as our ‘internet son’ so I know we’re all thrilled for him and how happy he is in his life. Johanna is a beautiful, friendly girl and they are extremely happy together. And that makes us happy.

I managed to take quite a few videos of most of the performances. I will note if there is video and what night it is from in the report..The lighting tends to be quite dark onstage and mostly red so it’s tough to get great videos unless you’re right in front of the stage. And my camera is not that great but they’re not too bad.. I also got the audio on most of night 2 and also night 3. The order of performers changed each night so I will make notes about Saturday and Sunday where appropriate. With so many videos you can see for yourself what each performer brought to the songs they did.

As usual the multi talented and truly lovely David Newland was the emcee and for all three nights he kept the show moving at a steady pace and providing insight into each performer as well as giving us some good laughs.
This year he was the lead off performer.

House Band –
David Woodhead - bass, banjo @ http://www.davidwoodhead.com
Dave Matheson – piano, accordion, guitar @ http://www.maplemusic.com/artists/dma/bio.asp
Christine Bougie - lap steel, percussion @ http://www.christinebougie.com/beaut...sical-response
Jason Fowler – assorted guitars @ http://www.jasonfowler.ca

charlene 01-27-2011 05:41 PM

Re: Hugh's Room-Lightfoot Celebration-The Way We Feel-Report is posted!

DAVID NEWLAND – with his little black ukulele he sang a splendidly sweet rendition of “Did She Mention My Name”. - VIDEO - night 1 - - I was very happy to help David when he gathered 70th birthday wishes for Lightfoot a couple of years ago when he was with canoe.ca. He is a co-founder of Roots Music Canada and The Corktown Ukelele Jam. He’s a blogger, on Twitter, Facebook and other sites that are listed in the link @ http://www.davidnewland.com/the-way-we-feel He deserves an award for how he has emceed the shows for 9 years..a witty, well read and darling guy, always with a kind and encouraging word.

On Saturday night David asked the audience who were first timers, been multiple times, more than 3 times? If you could sign up year after year would you? Who has been 9 times or more? He then looked over to me and said “Thank you Ms. Westbrook…she’s been here 370 times!”..lol

ELIZABETH SHEPPARD – She was new to the shows this year and played piano for both of her songs. http://www.myspace.com/elizabethshepherd I was not able to get any video due to the placement of the piano but I do have some audio. She mentioned that her first concert experience was a Gordon Lightfoot one! She sang “Song For A Winter’s Night” and then said the next song was one she didn’t know if she could pull off because “I’m not a man.” Lori Cullen came up to accompany her on “Sundown.” Beautiful voices and harmonies in a jazzy tone. I have audio of her songs.

RON NIGRINI – he was in the show a few years ago. A soft spoken gentle man with a terrific voice. Back in the early 70’s he travelled the U.S. playing all over while a lot of upheaval was happening – Vietnam, Kent State, the American Indian movement, and his own relationship breakup but he had a lot of Canadian songs in his set list to help him get through it all from Joni Mitchell, Ian Tyson but most were Gordon Lightfoot tunes. One that he sang a lot that saved his bacon on the road when he was lonely and hungry, riding the bus or hitch-hiking and would get him a home cooked meal and perhaps a bed was “Steel Rail Blues.” –
VIDEO - night 1 - He also sang a quiet, wistful version of “If You Could Read My Mind.” –
VIDEO – night 2. He told the story of driving up Yonge St. in Toronto listening to the radio and Lightfoot’s If You Could Read My Mind came on. The next song was his and it was the first time he’d heard it on the radio. He pulled over in front of a now defunct strip club with a marquee that read “Anita Man” now appearing. He listened and then waited for the disc jockey to same something about it. He next heard “That was Ron Nigrini singing “Lost in Colorado!” And you can tell that’s his real name because who’d want to change their name to Ron Nigrini!” lol Our Ron Jones and Ron Nigrini were happy to see each other as they’ve been pals for years.

ARIANNA GILLIS (and her father David) @ http://www.arianagillis.com She’s an energetic 20 year old with a lively stage presence. She’s accompanied by her father David http://www.myspace.com/davidgillis onstage. She sang Don Quixote in a bluegrass style.
She then told of going to a Lightfoot website to research songs and came across the one she would do next. She told Jory what song it was and he told her it was not a Lightfoot tune but she could do it anyway. There is a Lightfoot connection however. She then sang Me and Bobby Magee. I have audio of her songs.

JASON FOWLER @ www.jasonfowler.ca took centre stage and said that the pairing of Lightfoot and David Foster was a mismatch. He then sang “In My Fashion.” - VIDEO - night 1 - - Jason said that Lightfoot had the three “T’s” – Timing, Tuning and Tone in spades. Then he sang ‘my’ song – “I’ll Tag Along.” – VIDEO – night 2 - On the second night Jason told his “Lightfoot Boiler String” story – VIDEO – night 2.
Before introducing the next artist David Newland added that Lightfoot had one more “T” – Taste.

Each night Anansi Press was represented and took a few moments to speak about the children’s book “The Canadian Railroad Trilogy” with artwork by Ian Wallace accompanying the lyrics of Gordon Lightfoot. The book as well as artist CD’s were for sale on the merch table each night.

charlene 01-27-2011 05:42 PM

Re: Hugh's Room-Lightfoot Celebration-The Way We Feel-Report is posted!
JORY NASH @ www.jorynash.com took his turn next. Jory has 6 albums and a new one in the works. He won the 2001 Ontario Council of Folk Festivals "Songs From The Heart" Award for the song "When I Walk Out" and last year won 2010 Penguin Eggs Magazine's Critic's Poll 2009 Album of the Year for "New Blue Day" and 2010 Canadian Folk Music Awards Nominee for Best Producer for "New Blue Day.” He is the co-founder of the Lightfoot Tribute/Celebration shows.(along with Aengus Finnan who no longer is involved) The first one took place in 2003 shortly after Lightfoot became ill but they were in the works before his illness. This year I didn’t know what he would be singing and did not pressure him to sing “Mother of a Miner’s Child” for me. LOL

He sang a song that hasn’t been done in any of the shows before – “Knotty Pine.” –VIDEO – night 1 - - You could hear a pin drop…every word was enunciated clearly and with a command that made the message in the song very current. It’s a safe bet to say that a lot of people heard it in a whole new way and some may have heard it for the first time. Jason Fowler then accompanied Jory on “Early Morning Rain.” – VIDEO - night 1 - - Jory had sung it at the show back in 2003. His voice is perfect for it and I enjoyed both of his tunes again this year. For the last few years it has fallen on Jory to orgaize the shows and he just raises the bar higher and higher and leaping over it every time. Next year there will be 4 shows held from Jan.19 – 23, 2012. You can bet he’s already started the planning. I LOVE that guy!

Jory mentioned on Night 1 and 2 that he is all over the internet social networks but forgets that he has a TWITTER account. He had just received an e-mail notifying him that “Gordon Lightfoot is following you on TWITTER.” So he logged on and tweeted “Listening to Gordon Lightfoot cd right now!” When he checked more closely he saw that it was actually some woman impersonating Gordon Lightfoot who was following him on TWITTER..BUT he was sure that IF Gordon Lightfoot was on TWITTER “he would follow me.” LOL

On Night 3 Jory mentioned his TWITTER experience again. During the break David had come over to me and wondered who this woman was and I told him that I was going to hunt her down..lol. When David went back onstage said he rec’d the same e-mail but when he checked it was not Gordon Lightfoot but the profile page opened to say “Gordon Lightfoot’s # 1 Fan” who is following him too. He then said he wanted to make it very clear that he knew who Gordon Lightfoot’s #1 fan was and that she was the one who sent the Lightfoot news out to the world of The Net People as Lightfoot calls us. He mentioned that I have been a big supporter of the tribute shows and artists and had been to almost all of them over the nine years, maybe even 25! He then pointed to me standing by the stairs and said my full name while everyone applauded and turned around to look. So I waved at David in acknowledgement and thanks…so sweet of him! (Must have been the assorted candies I gave out earlier in the evening..lol) It was uber terrific that The Man himself was there at that time..

And a little while later when I was leaning against the wall on the top step of the bar area someone came up beside me, stood very close and sort of leaned into me. I thought perhaps I was in the way but couldn’t get any closer to the wall had I been a squished mosquito. I turned to see who it was and there was Mr. Lightfoot who had snuck up on me it seems! He said Hi Char!, and that he hadn’t noticed me standing there before. (he had been up and down a couple of times but had passed behind me on the other side of the column to get to and from his seat) He said, “You’ve been down here that many times to the shows?” I said I’d seen pretty much all of them. David came up from behind and said, “the funny thing is she’s been here 25 times and there’s only been 23 shows!” They both had a good laugh about that. I told Gordon I’ve probably been to at least 85, maybe 90 of his concerts too, keeping him living in the style he’s grown accustomed to. Lol He laughed and said they did 81 shows last year and were heading back out in March and he was looking forward to it. Jory came over to tell Gordon that after Ron Nigrini (who was singing) was done the Good Brothers would sing and then it would be his turn. I said, “Gee you don’t even get top billing at your own tribute show.” Lol We had a quick hug as he headed to his seat and I said I’d see him in May at Massey. He said, “okay, see you there Char.”

On Night 2 David said they were wondering how to make the 10th year shows special next year. They had already done the Gordon Lightfoot tribute show. They felt the shows deserved a tribute of their own – “The Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Tribute!, hoping Gord would show up and do some of THEIR songs! Lol
He also recounted the time when as he was doing his spoken word piece in the first year there was some poor guy throwing up in the bathroom downstairs…and it could be heard by all of us upstairs.

THE GOOD BROTHERS @ http://www.thegoodbrothers.com filed up onto the stage next. On night 2 Bruce mentioned that David Newland takes time to head to the far north of Ontario to teach music to indiginous children and it’s a wonderful thing that he does. David came back onstage when they had finished their tunes and said that the reason Bruce knew about his trip north was because he was with him. They are both going back in the spring.
They have won 9 JUNO awards, have been on the road for 40 years and are embarking on their 34th tour of Europe. They have also been inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. Their first gig was playing at the famous RIVERBOAT in Toronto in May 1974.
Bruce then recounted how back in the late 60’s they were in a group with James Ackroyd called James and the Good Brothers and toured California with the Grateful Dead, and had a baptism by fire by being on the train trip, “Festival Express” with many other artists including Janis Joplin, Ian and Sylvia and The Band. He then spoke about a time in California back in the early 70’s when Lightfoot joined the brothers on a rainy road trip up Mendocino way into the Redwood Hills. It was 40 years to the day on Jan.22 (2nd night of Trib.shows) that the trip happened. He had come across some papers with a sort of trip diary that Lightfoot had written in pencil about their weekend that he title “News From Ft. Bragg.” He had typed it out and read it to us. It was quite funny and insightful in the details that were noted. – VIDEO – night 2 - - Lightfoot went to his room that night and in the morning came out with the song they then sang. “Redwood Hill.” - VIDEO – night 2 - - Their second song was “Alberta Bound” – VIDEO – night 1 - - which they recorded, with Lightfoot’s permission before he did. They have recorded it four times and it is always their closing tune. It was, as usual a rip roaring version with full audience participation. On the second night he called it one of Gord’s rare “shitkickers.” They noted that they were dedicating their song to the memory of Red Shea. He noted that Red’s beautiful daughter Colleen was in attendance. The next night Bruce told me that Colleen had cried through the song.
On Sunday night he dedicated Gord’s ‘shit-kicker’, “Alberta Bound”, “to the memory of Red Shea and Barry Harvey who were both a great part of Gord’s life.”

BREAK (night 1 – the performer order changed each night)

charlene 01-27-2011 05:43 PM

Re: Hugh's Room-Lightfoot Celebration-The Way We Feel-Report is posted!
DAVE MATHESON @ http://www.maplemusic.com/artists/dma/bio.asp had been playing piano for the other performers but played guitar and sang “Don’t Beat me Down” - VIDEO – night 2 - and then “I’m Not Supposed To Care.” – VIDEO – night 1 - - He had gone to a 1998 Dylan concert and heard him sing it.

MATTHEW BARBER was new to the shows this year @ http://www.matthewbarber.com/?page=Home He is a JUNO nominee. He sang “Carefree Highway” – VIDEO – night 1 - and “Summer Side of Life.” – VIDEO – night 2 - He mentioned that he had always listened to it as a sort of pop song and not paid much attention to the lyrics until he was preparing for the shows and realized it was about a young man who went off to war, leaving his girlfriend and family, not knowing if he’d return. He has a very strong voice with a young man’s quality well suited to the song.

LORI CULLEN @ http://www.loricullen.com/bio.html She has been at a few of the shows over the years and always is a huge hit. She’s got a charming and funny onstage persona that is adorable and endearing. On Saturday night before singing “Your Love’s Return” she said “One of the Good Brothers, I can’t say which one, came to me and said he was ‘memorized’ by it. So be prepared to be “memorized.” She sang “Your Love’s Return” – VIDEO - Night 2 - and had the audience humming along and also did a countrified “Summertime Dream.” – VIDEO – night 2.
TWILIGHT HOTEL @ http://www.twilighthotel.ca – Brandy Zdan and Dave Quanbury originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba but now living in Austin, Texas. This duo left us all gobsmacked with their versions of “Black Day In July” and “Long Thin Dawn.” - You’ve never heard a Lightfoot tune like this before. I thought I had video of “Long Thin Dawn” but it has disappeared..Brandy went to a used record store in Austin to look for a Lightfoot album so she could choose a song. She found the Back Here On Earth album and the first song she listened to was Long Thin Dawn and knew it was the one they would do. Their new CD was reviewed in the Toronto Globe and Mail last week - http://twilighthotel.ca/media/globe-mail-reviewjan-2011
Here is a good video of them singing it at a different venue the day after the Tribute shows:
GREGORY HOSKINS @ http://www.gregoryhoskins.com/news.html He sang “The Wreck” and a jazzy “Rainy Day People.” His rendition of The Wreck was very different-lots of sound effects and flow to the song..I think it was longer then Lightfoot’s. Rainy Day People had a call/response audience participation with the lyrics “Rainy Day People.” No video but I do have audio to post asap.

JAMES KEELAGHAN @ http://web.me.com/jameskeelo/Keeloweb/KEELOWEB.html He is a JUNO winner, he has 11 cd’s and as David introduced him he called him a true troubadour and balladeer. His first song was “Sit Down Young Stranger.” – VIDEO-Partial-night 2 - with a very strong and clear voice. At the end he asked, “Is there anything sadder than that – John loves Mary, does anyone love me?” He sang a song on the Lightfoot tribute CD “Beautiful.” When he was asked to be on it he said he wanted to do “Canadian Railroad Trilogy” and then thought “what have I done? I haven’t sung it since I was 19!” He sat down with his guitar and sang it right through and that is the sign of a great song he said. As a kid he was influenced by a very garrulous Irish father who told stories and then when he heard CRT he knew that was what he wanted to do at 8 – it affected him very deeply and he knew he wanted to write songs like it. He added, “The most amazing thing about this evening is that all these songs sprung from one mind and one pen. Like a steady line of graphite or ink heading off into the unknown future.”

FINALE – All performers assembled onstage for “Rich Man’s Spiritual.” – VIDEO – night 1 - night 2 - and night 3 -
Aengus Finnan – co-founder of the shows was in attendance on Saturday night but did not sing. He did join in when all the performers congregated onstage for the Rich Man’s Spiritual finale. As always it was wonderful to talk with this multi talented young man. He’s taken his life on yet another journey and is living in Toronto. He had a new haircut too.

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