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MistyMoppens 04-15-2020 07:32 AM

1,245 Visitors ???
What happened on 1/15/2020 at 9:09pm to bring in so many visitors all at once? That's at least 10 times the usual. What did I miss?

charlene 04-15-2020 06:30 PM

Re: 1,245 Visitors ???
I may have posted something linking to corfid on fan based Facebook sites..

MistyMoppens 04-15-2020 08:14 PM

Re: 1,245 Visitors ???
I don't have FB. Can you tell me either on this thread or in private message, please. What's the mystery? Geez..... Thanks.

charlene 04-15-2020 09:51 PM

Re: 1,245 Visitors ???
Nope, I can't remember and link to corfid a lot when there's a reason.. I don't remember what I linked yesterday let along3 months ago. Lots of new people to the internet asking questions and I link to stuff here where it's already been discussed in years/decades past..

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