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MistyMoppens 10-04-2014 03:10 AM

Quit stalking your own mother at this website. I want nothing to do with you.

You are disturbed, diabolical & a mean spirited CREEP.

This nothing of a thread was viewed 2,108 times. It had a total of 4 messages. WHAT is *wrong* with you???

Long ago when I said, "I gave EVERY. SINGLE. THING, I had to you including many sleepless nights." you said. "yeah? well............ IT WASN'T ENOUGH." That was THE FINAL END FOR ME." NOW, GET LOST or I'll drag your backside into court, you cyber stalker & failed Slum Lord. Seek professional help & strong meds. Goodbye.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 04-24-2017 03:56 PM

Re: Casey
What's this all about?

MistyMoppens 04-24-2020 03:39 AM

Re: Casey

Originally Posted by Affair on Touhy Ave. (Post 190187)
What's this all about?

This is about my only child who has done every hurtful, truly diabolical thing she could do to me since she was 4 - with a genius IQ. I found her here, one day, digging up ALL all of my posts since I've had since 2000 under five ID's for 13-1/2 hours straight. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!. I didn't know what to do so I left a message. BIG MISTAKE. She's still here even though she's always hated Gordon.

She's creepy & intrusive. She used to always watch me under the bathroom door whenever I was in there - her whole life. She's still an obsessed nightmare. SOOOO SICK. OF. IT.

Affair on Touhy Ave. 04-24-2020 01:37 PM

Re: Casey
Fine could you not bring your problems with her here?

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