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johnfowles 11-21-2009 12:28 PM

Massey Hall setlist Friday 19 November 2009
After the afternoon jam session at McVeigh's Irish pub during which included
the sonorous pairing of Red Shea students John Stinson and Paul Bartlett performing Red's intro to Song For A Winter's Night and a welcome (to me at least) "Inspiration Lady" and Melissa Joe's her superb version of "Heaven Help The Devil May He Have A Few Unpleasant Memories" to give the song its full "unlikely" title when introduced as then new song by Gord to the audience in London's Royal Albert Hall on 18 May 1981, a largish number of our friends and fellow fans came up to our 13th floor hotel room to admire the view and get refreshed for the evening's concert
Then again on time Gord opened with
1. Triangle
2. Cotton Jenny
3. 14 Karat Gold
4. Never Too Close
5. In My Fashion
6 A Painter Passing Through
7./8. medley Spanish Moss/Shadows
9. Beautiful
10. Carefree Highway
11.Hangdog Hotel Room
12./13.medley Ribbon Of Darkness/ Sundown
14. The Watchman's Gone
15. Alberta Bound
16. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
17. Ring Neck Loon
18.Don Quixote
Then Gord reeled off a list of his children who were at the concert which included Fred and Ingrid
19. If Children had Wings
20. Let It Ride
21. Fine As Fine Can Be
22. If You Could Read My Mind
23. Baby Step Back
24. Restless
25. Canadian Railroad Trilogy
26. Song For A Winter's Night
27. Old Dan's Records
28. Early Morning Rain

johnfowles 11-22-2009 10:17 PM

Re: Massey Hall setlist Friday the TWENTIETH of November 2009
OoPs to save time I had reused the saved draft of the Thursday the 19th
setlist but omitted to change the 19 to 20 before cutting and pasting in the thread subject
abject apologies for any confusion
Silly old fool that I am!!

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