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geodeticman.5 08-05-2008 07:49 AM

Lightfoot lyrics challenge for GL cognoscenti - give it a try !
Borrowing heavily from 2much2lose and Sir John here, and trivia quizzes from corfid's not so distant past: a quiz format. Hope you like it.

Simply guess the song, from the increasingly fewer words out of Gord's lyrics. Similar to past threads when we did a LOT of quizzing, but I am curious to see how FEW words, or obscure the reference, will instantly turn on a Lighthead-bulb:


EZ to start, harder as we go if'n you guys like it::clap::mad::mad::headbang:

Q# 1...... was a time in this.........

Q# 2.......a bit of allright....

Q# 3...... songs we know

Q# 4.......golden prairie

Q# 5........coming back

Q# 6........nails

an even half dozen to start; hope you like it. I'll post 6 at a time if'n you do.

answers format so my eyes don't cross worse *suggestion only*
Note: these answer samples do not pertain to above....
Q1 - song is: If You Could Read My Mind . Album name is (same)
Q2 - song is: Beautiful. Album name is - Don Quixote
and etc

Sly says: go for it ..... :cool:

~geo steve

JohninCt. 08-06-2008 08:57 AM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
Do we have to have all of them for the answer, or can we put in one or 2 that we know?

geodeticman.5 08-06-2008 09:19 AM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
geo steve

thanks johninCT.

charlene 08-06-2008 10:00 AM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
I'll take the easy one..

Q# 1...... was a time in this.........
song is - Canadian Railroad Trilogy - on several albums
there was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run..

joveski 08-06-2008 05:17 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
> Q# 3...... songs we know

I'd do it again (summertime dream)

> Q# 4.......golden prairie

crossroads (the way i feel)

JohninCt. 08-06-2008 06:44 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
Q5= Now And Then.

geodeticman.5 08-06-2008 08:22 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
Char - yes congrats- CRT !

Joveski - interesting - I'll just take yer word for it its in that too, but the one i took it from is: uhm......-
Hint: one of the 18 rarities on songbook this'll do it "the barman plays..the songs we know..." now u guys will get that one too. I'll not challenge it being in "I'll do it again" - I'll politely take your word for it I'm not here to prove ppl wrong....had not considered an ambiguity case though !and

Joveski Q3:
yes! golden parie - Crossroads - my favourite "working man's song" from my lumber days.....cool u got it.

OK we still have
.... a bit of allright...
.... nails...... to go

hints on these 2 hardest: (as brown as..( )....rusty nails)

and: ( ...eagles....you and i together.. ( )... a bit of allright)

if these last 2 grow stale I'll do six more by this later PM

'first shot at it was shootin' in the dark, as i had the advantage of hearing 'em in my mind when i write the Q - i of course know the answer as i write the Q

I am avoiding any lyrics searches - so as to enjoy it myself too, i like to challenge my memory...... i hope that angle is fun for you guys too.... cause the first person that does a lyrics search will take the cake home - too easy LOL

geo steve

JohninCt yes! I keep coming back for more of the same to fan the dying flame - u got it buddy.

geodeticman.5 08-06-2008 09:36 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
I'll go ahead and start 6 more, as the expanded clues for the remaining 2 above are dead give aways.... if... you like the songs.. ! :)

Second round
increasingly harder from 7 - 12..... not 1 - 12......:)

Q7 ..........I remember the taste of her lips close to mine............:kiss:

Q8 .........life I been livin' like a song in the night.............:cool:

Q9 ......... if I wait for the right moment, ....................;)

Q10........ an old man sitting in his.....................:p

Q11........ blue eyes light up the .......................:)

Q12.........the sycamore................................... :mad: - dang it thats hard

Baker's dozen special stumper" -

Q#BD: ......in your soul..................

hint: its one of my all time favourites -
- as the long-timers know i have been waxing on since 96 in alt.music.lightfoot and in here since '06, skip 07, and now -08 I always talk about it....ethereal...much talk of its meaning...many metaphors and one line no one gets...hell i am givin' it away LOL

OK a try one other quiz format, just two, below - not necessarily GL's writing,
might be covers.....by him, on his albums :biggrin:

and - what do you call 'em - anachronistics ?: - scrambled words or letters,
here i will test just two.... scrambled words.... if u like it i will include one or two each six.....otherwise - if interest continues, i will stick to above formula.

Qscrambled: Qa: "out the for watch shifting ramble may you sand wherever"
and Qb: "to and winds blow dusty begin autumn the" :whistle:

- unscramble, and then guess song.... i think i picked 'em too easy...
scrambled hint on above two test scrambles:
scrambled hint in spelling of hint words & words are in order
"yeht rea mofr het emsa mubal" hehehe you like ?:headbang:

" hmmm interesting they are....Lightfoot songs beloved of" says Yoda :eek:

`geo steve

Don Quixote 08-06-2008 09:54 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
#2 "a bit of alright" is from "Always on the Bright Side"

Don Quixote 08-06-2008 10:00 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
7 I remember... That Same Old Obsession
8 life I've been living... Make Way for the Lady
9 if I wait... The Watchman's Gone
10 Old man sitting... not sure yet, but I'll get it
11 blue eyes... If you need me
12 the sycamore...Spanish Moss

That's off the top of my head in about 30 seconds.

jj 08-06-2008 10:37 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
steve, thanks for the fun (to pass time during these dog days)

not great with lyrics but I know the songbook rarities better than the songbook familiarities...mainly cos I made a cd of the rarities (only) from songbook when I obtained it and couldn't stop listening to them, well, 15 of them anyhow

ok, what is Never Say Trust Me? for Q3

that track grabbed hold me instantly...I still don't know what arborite dreams are but dig that phrase...also love the whiny guitar

some already mentioned Always on the Bright Side, wonderful...such and uncharacteristic groove and some vivid phrases ...through two shipwrecked eyes I come to see, is a real fave

as for the rest I have no clue (well, ok, other than the 10 given)

geodeticman.5 08-06-2008 11:02 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
DQ - Holy Lyrics-Limerick Batman ! You nailed almost all of in one' erudite, eloquent espousal from the diaz...... leave it to a PhD to blow as all away ! BRAVO ! BRAVO ! encore encore !

yessirree you got 'em in one deft stroke of academic acumen, espousing the answers with studied aplombe and panache, from the diaz of ecellence ! YUP THATS GOT EM...

hmmph.... er.... well..... HAH ! except for Q#6 & Q#10 & QBD (bakers dozen stumper)
& Qa & Qb (the two scrambled song titles).... yeah thats it thata the ticket.... didn;t get all eh professor ? LOL j/k - good to hear from you DQ.......YOU..... might like the discussion I triedon the tail end of the vintage video of Gord singing "Remember Me", (I'm the One), for reasons of my revelation (to me) of why I like his newer work MUCH more now.... based on maturity... seasoning..... ( no jokesters out there, not the herbs and spices) LOL. Thanks DQ well done..

OK the hints on Q6 &Q10 - I will wait and give QBD, Qa, & Qb to have a chance to cool in the window before baking another pie of hints.... hmmm I must be hungry the way I am writing here..... LOL I am its 8:47 per my tachymeter chrono thats blown a gasket - must be made by Norton Thiokol ( obsure refernence anyone out there get ? Sir John? (smile) - I don't bite old friend.... you out there ? Hint its an aerospace trivia that had disastrous consequences.... never below 33 degrees, preferably not below 52 degrees - the hint to my Norton Thiokol "gasket" of type o - i dunnoooo its a ringer, allright

OK hints on Q6 - (more hints for..nails...) - last hint was (.. as brown as...rusty nails)
2nd hint Q6: another part of same song: ......you can have any flavour ya hapen too see..... thats blown it now i am sure...... LOL

Q#10 first hint: Q was:.... an old man sitting in his....
hint......... 'He called to his wife one day "come sit with me awhile" '
hint: ...... "he looked toward the sunset and smiled a wicked smile"

OK thats blown it I'm sure......the song was desribed in the Rolling Stone review as
"one of [Lightfoots] more ambitous works" as I recall

OK I will wait to hint on QBD (bakers dozen), and Qa and Qb and see what the cat drags in...LOL thanks guys and:

congrats again DQ - Oratory tour de force :)

~geo steve

geodeticman.5 08-06-2008 11:39 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
jj -Yes ! - Never say trust me ! Bingo - I too dig this song - put it on repeat several times - as well as- just as you pointed out.... "Allways on the Bright Side" is such an
uncharacteristic song - man he's sure still "got it" in that - I repeat tat one even more.

Oh BTW re: arborite: The only reason I know this is I worked my way through college round 1 working in a lumber yard, and ai cant get those 18,000 SKU's out of my head..... Arborite is a -Canadian- euphemism for what actually is a brand name - like "Kleenex" is common usage for tissue, but a brand name, as is surprisingly "Sheet Rock" - a brand name from way back they gave up on suing over copyright infringement on - its generically called "gypsum board" by the myriad companies that make it - from ubiquitous quadrillions of tiny dead crustaceans on former sea floors.....chalk..... caclcium carbonate...... white board - gypsum board Sheetrock. OK ok in similar fashion,

Arborite is generic in many parts of Canada ( so said my vendors that sold me bunks of it, Canucks agreeing with that notwithstanding - any Canadian tradesmen out there that buy it ?. Generic term now, but Brand name for, what below the border here in US of A is called particle board, and rarely, aspenite (arborite/apenite) , except aspenite has larger flakes with glue compressed in than finer particles of wood -mush- compressed

All those damn "some assembly required" furniture pieces such as -sigh- entertainment systems and computer desks.... re so often made with particle board here, and arborite there - arbor of course in the tree sense..... , all covered with a fake picture of woodgrain on contact paper, glued to the surface... God I hate puttin together those things for years, both at work for displays, and at home when our modest budget and work discount dictated almost whole rooms in our first home be filled with it LOL.

I vowed one time to never by another particleboard "knockdown funiture" - they are called... to Merry..... when we finally could afford modest but *real* furniture, like the red-oak (I just looked at it OMG its red oak veneer over particleboard aaaggggh)LOL
computer desk I am at now. It is (particleboard/arborite) following me like a stalking sycophant. lol...

In the song Gord sings of "Arborite chairs" and tables etc. and the line u mentioned "arborite Dreams" - I take to mean the dreams of , say the wedding couple married and having their reception in the "Holiday Inn ?? " [sic] the surroundings Gord describes as familiar but tackey - tacky paintings on the wall, tacky arborite furniture etc., but such solid dreams taking hold on that arborite filled (read fake furniture) environment .? - lease as how thats my read... sure love that song.... what do they call that "iambic pentameter' or something like that in rhyming lyrics, whic Gord os credited for taking to a unique for with "clever pharaseology" where not only do the lines rhyme at the end of each sentence, but there is often a clever and catchy rhyme within the sentence 1st half and 2nd half of a given line.... as is the case as i recall in never say trust me...... I like :the barman plays the song s we know....the pretty barmade going to and fro" - and 'she gets down to "twist and shout" ' and Gord winds up.......something.. down and out.... its a fun song, sticks in your head.

And always on the bright side - man i have played htayt probably 50 times this year alone. the eagles mate for life...... through two shipwrecked eyes - THAT line alone on the eyes is so full of insight ( no pun) it grabs ya by the yangs, doesn;t it ?

thanks jj

JohninCt. 08-07-2008 06:14 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
Q6= Sea of Tranquility

geodeticman.5 08-07-2008 07:17 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

remember - i am going by memory, as you are, so intrinsically I could be
wrong by notches in my excerpts - feel free please to correct me and reply

Easier to hard again Q13 -18, not q1 - 18:

Q13 ....did they all go down into worthiness...is it wrong for a king to cry

Q14.....laughing eyes, and smiling face, its seems so lucky........

ok gordsters and gordesses, strap in tight, those were gimme's, now gets hard

Q15.....what does this freedom mean to me........

Q16....come to the door, my...............

Q17.....if it should..........

Q18.....go forth

piece of cake, you, say. or.....hmmm :headbang::biggrin::redface::whistle::cool::clap:


~geo steve

geodeticman.5 08-07-2008 07:34 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
JohninCT - yesss ! Sea of Tranquility it is..... bit of a jouney it seems now from

the hardest of the first round , just ........nails...... congrats !

check out Q's 13 -18 now

~geo steve

joveski 08-07-2008 09:54 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
15: Heaven help the devil
16: Your loves return
17: If it should please you
18: The house you live in

charlene 08-07-2008 09:58 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
Q13 ....did they all go down into worthiness...is it wrong for a king to cry...PROTOCOL

Q14.....laughing eyes, and smiling face, its seems so lucky........BEAUTIFUL

Q15.....what does this freedom mean to me........HEAVEN HELP THE DEVIL

Q16....come to the door, my...............YOUR LOVES RETURN

Q17.....if it should..........IF IT SHOULD PLEASE YOU

Q18.....go forth....THE HOUSE YOU LIVE IN

joveski 08-07-2008 10:00 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
i beat Char by 4 minutes :)

charlene 08-07-2008 10:04 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !

Originally Posted by joveski (Post 141282)
i beat Char by 4 minutes :)

I had to take a 'break'... and watch my Jays for a minute or two!

JAYS win! again!
Jays swept Oakland 4 games straight..yeehaw..

geodeticman.5 08-07-2008 11:35 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
LOL OK you two - beat the livin' he** out of my "progressively hard" Q's 12 - 18 - BUT......hold yer horses...... two things:

1. OK joveski - Congrats ! you beat Char time-wise - but omitted Q's 13 & 14 the easiest ones. And - on Q18 - see below

2. Char you got em all- and complete , but 2nd time-wise, so I'd say all in all - a draw.. but one problem... or rather ambiguity I cannot say is "wrong" ,we are all "right"
on Q18

q18 -..... "go forth"......

OK I pictured in my mind when I wrote the Q - "soon I will go forth, to that wild and barren land, where nature takes its course...." - Whispers of the North....

But - you two, interestingly - were both right - on House You Live In - AN AMBIGUOUS CASE - i am trying to avoid 'em for just such reason - but I forgot about House you live in. Go forth in the world.... thats the riff you two thought of ? yup yup yer right.
Nothing wrong about being right....

its a draw

AND TIME FOR Q's 19 - 24 ! duh da da DUHHHHHHHH (token object of politically incorrect and chauvinistic pig flagrant desire comes out in tight Vegas showgirl thingee dress and hands the M.C. card to me with Q's) :

oh - AND IF YOU MISS THESE CHAR - have a GREAT trip to "New Scotland" :)

drumroll please from drunk drummer up on Ramada Inn barroom platform.....looks more like a rocker than a country western drummer.... hmmmm - shades of another post ? LOL

OK hipsters these will have to be harder, as you made a laughing stock of me in record time on 18 - 24 between you two walking encyclopedia's of Gordon......LOL

easier to harder again....BUT HARDER ALL THE WAY AROUND (evil laugh like a mortician)

Q19.....answer to the letter of the law..........

Q20.....fool that went to school..............

Q21.....I'd rather be down...............

Q22....deep canyons................

Q23....remind us...........


HAVE FUN Hopefully everbuddy is not so dangfired smart that they get 'em in one minute.....lol


~geo steve

joveski 08-08-2008 06:28 AM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
i'm in a rush, but:

19: All the lovely ladies
20: In my fashion
23: Echoes of heros

formerlylavender 08-08-2008 07:38 AM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
Q21: Boathouse

Don Quixote 08-08-2008 08:44 AM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
Q25--Cherokee Bend

Q23 Could also be Drink Yer Glasses Empty--And watch a John Wayne movie to REMIND US...


geodeticman.5 08-08-2008 07:43 PM

Re: GL Lyrics fan(atics) fun quizzers and more !
Man u three nailed it.
Joveski - yes all 3 but - the Echos of Heros must be a valid ambiguous case. I'll take your word for it. My intent - and what i derived, or gleened it from by memoery was in Fact what DQ said - watch a John WAYNE MOVIE TO remind us OF THE PLANES(PLAINS?)
I'll take both as valid though.

Formerly- good one on Boathouse....

DQ - two good ones on the easier - Tattoo i think, and the harder(est) PRECEDENT of ONE WORD.. skins... wow you got it DQ. The professor strikes again....

Steve is now deep in thought..... chanting and humming to himself....the monastic
inductees have ben told to be silent while I swing my smudge-pot and don my
vestments..... and meditate.... whistle..... whap spoons on my knee.....lol
(don't worry - i have no such narcissistic thoughts of myself, or placing Gord in a position of ...Prophet... not at alll.... i am just kidding around to make you folks laugh...

Illuminati in dark cloaked robe that i am , padding around Gord-records library in ruins formerly raced-though by vikings - the monastery inhabitants, scarce as they are now... after the last Chrusade...chanting Gord-esque lyrics in near-reverance....29 bells ringing in background ( not funny, but thought-provoking)....going to sit in the garden now and contemplate/reflect on the next 6..... the ruins of a monastery are on the Isle of Skye, in the northerly extent of the outer Hebrides of northern Scotland... the library is intact and said to contain ICELANDIC layman's parol reports of sightings of great mosters in the sea - in fact - BIG BLUE... witten in hebrew and sanskrit, steve is translating by candlelight... looking for the next 6.....an apprentice approaches me, hands in robe sleeves, crossed, and says "master.... do you need anything before i take my fast and contemplation ? I look at him with a furtive glance and perfunctory nod...then angrily...I snap back, regrettably... "Not NOW... I am trying to find.....flip-flip-flip the next 6 - it is a harbinger, its... (oh SHUT UP STEVE) LOL LOL ok THE NEXT 6: Q's 25 - 30:


Q25: ......is like a young bird...

Q26........try to understand...

Q27........ego and the id....




ha! bust those in one minue will ya ? by dingess I'll keel-hall the lot of ya... ya better take at least three minutes or I'll run ya through.... harhh lol


~geo steve

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