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charlene 05-03-2020 08:28 PM

RADIO INTERVIEW - Paul Leslie-April 2020

Episode #402 – Gordon Lightfoot Returns
Gordon Lightfoot is one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time and that’s not an exaggeration. The greatest songwriters were influenced by him, Bob Dylan has frequently cited him as the best. The most iconic singers, everyone from Elvis Presley to Barbra Streisand have performed and recorded Lightfoot’s songs.

This is my second interview with the legendary Gordon Lightfoot. He’s released “Solo” his first new album in 16 years. The record is vocals and guitars only. When you hear Gordon’s rich voice and wonderfully guitar playing, you’ll realize you don’t need much more. In addition to talking about the release, Gordon and I talk about his friendship with the late John Prine and the singers and groups he affected: from Peter, Paul and Mary to Jimmy Buffett.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a great pleasure and honor to welcome to this show, the one and only Gordon Lightfoot.


lighthead2toe 05-03-2020 11:04 PM

Re: RADIO INTERVIEW - Paul Leslie-April 2020
What a wonderful interview. Thanks Char.
I loved how laid back Paul was and how he gave Gord all the time he needed to answer the questions. And they were great questions.
It was quite unique. Sort of like even though you couldn't see anyone, it gave the feeling that you could. Very different. Maybe had something to do with the lockdown. Very relaxing.
Gord sure is anxious to get out there and back to work. And of course us fans are just as anxious to see him and the guys again. Gotta get our hit of Gord!

imported_Next_Saturday 05-04-2020 09:16 AM

Jimmy Buffett, "The Circle is Small"
This was referenced in the recently posted Paul Leslie interview.
http://youtu.be/FIVMAghz7Tw <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/FIVMAghz7Tw" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

imported_Next_Saturday 05-07-2020 01:31 PM

Re: RADIO INTERVIEW - Paul Leslie-April 2020
Sounds like Gord really believes Buffett was born in Newfoundland... ;)

paskatefan 05-08-2020 05:54 AM

Re: RADIO INTERVIEW - Paul Leslie-April 2020
Oh, thank you. That was great! I love that he made a reference to James Taylor, too!


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