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jj 06-07-2016 05:03 PM

GL Tribute Aussie style ...

johnfowles 06-08-2016 05:29 PM

Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...
there you are Mende the band for your wedding recepton all revved up and ready see

Whatever it was quite a nice selection of songs in that video, including the Pony Man

joveski 06-08-2016 09:42 PM

Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...
they sounded ok, pity there werent any whole songs

Dave, Melbourne,Australia 06-11-2016 03:35 PM

Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...
Here is the wording on the link John Fowles mentioned above.

Backtrack Music and Sound Check Entertainment in association with Heavy Hand Promotions and HiViz Event Management present:


Featuring Gary Luck, Claire Roberts, Fred Pilcher, Glen Bowker & Steve Hamann

It has been forty-two years since the great Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot toured Australia. In 2015, he celebrated fifty years of touring down the Carefree Highway but the reality is, in his advancing years, he is unlikely to ever tour Australia again as he approaches the Sundown of his magnificent career.
Lightfoot has written and recorded such timeless classics as If You Could Read My Mind, Rainy Day People, Sundown, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and Early Morning Rain to name but a few. Many of his songs have been covered and made into hits by some of the most famous artists of our time, including Elvis Presley, Barbara Streisand, Johnny Cash, Anne Murray, Marty Robbins and of course, Peter, Paul, and Mary. None other than the great Bob Dylan once famously said that whenever he hears a Lightfoot song 'he wished it would last forever'.
Five good friends from the Wollongong/Canberra areas decided to get together to celebrate the great Canadian's life and times through his own music. Don't miss this night of the famous Canadian's best songs in three part harmony along with narrative and footage.

Bookings and more information, email manager@hivizevents.com.au
or call 0414 860 080.

Dave, Melbourne,Australia 06-11-2016 04:27 PM

Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...
The band is from Wollongong and Canberra, both north of Melbourne (and our state Victoria), but south of Sydney. I am keen to attend their "Sundown" show, so I emailed Claire Roberts, manager of HiViz Event Management & Promotions, and asked if they are bringing the show to Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria. Here is some information she provided.

They are performing a reduced version of the show at the Girgarre Moosic Muster, which runs from Friday 6Jan2017 to Sunday 8Jan2017, but they don't yet know if they're performing on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Girgarre is in northern Victoria, between Shepparton and Echuca, so about 150Km (90 miles) north of Melbourne. Claire believes admission is free.

They're probably performing the entire "Sundown" show during the same week at Kyvalley, which is also between Shepparton and Echuca. I would prefer to go to this show, rather than the reduced show at Girgarre.

They are keen to take the show on to Melbourne, but this would depend on funding the extra travel and accommodation etc and hasn't yet been discussed in depth. (I believe Melbourne would provide Australia's biggest audience for a Lightfoot tribute show, based on Gord's popularity in Melbourne in the 1970s and our 4 million residents' recent support of tours by other 1970s music acts, including Cat Stevens/Yusuf, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, James Taylor & Carole King, Jethro Tull and tribute concerts to Van Morrison and James Taylor.)

I urge Joveski, Sydney Steve and other Aussies lurking on Corfid to attend the "Sundown" show. Apart from Gord himself in 1974, it's probably the closest we'll get to a Lightfoot concert in Australia.

PS: The tribute band manager Claire attended one of Gord's Perth concerts in 1974. I am about to include her comments about it in a General Discussion thread titled "Gord and the Tasmanian devil".

Dave, Melbourne,Australia 06-16-2016 07:51 PM

Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...
More information from Gary Luck, who is involved with the "Sundown" tour.

"The show went well in Wollongong last month and I was very lucky to have been able to team up with Claire and the rest of our gang to do that. Now that I am back from overseas, I am thinking ahead to future tours and gigs in the Melbourne area (my old home town). I have had a dream ever since knowing for sure that Gord would never make it back here of putting a show together and taking the Lightfoot Story around Australia. It is such a great story, as you know, not to mention the great music that goes with it! Would love to do some big gigs in Melbourne, as I know that the folks in that city would get right behind it if it was marketed and promoted well. I guess that's my job to figure out for the rest of this year. Lead times in this business are about six months anyway. The shows in Wollongong and Canberra were a good start and having just got back from overseas via Broome of all places, I am convinced that a tour of the Top End would also work if properly publicised, but of course the major population centres are the real target markets."

jj 06-29-2016 05:31 PM

Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...
I posted a link to live samplers... see what you think, Dave

I hope they change their Facebook group name to the The Gordon Lightfoot Story... for some reason they named it the Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Band

kinda cool... the fellow with the guitar has a moustache and hair style very similar to Gord's during the Harmony period ... should put a capo on 2nd fret

great that GL music is being played so many miles away ..perhaps on radio also!

joveski 06-29-2016 09:27 PM

Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...

Originally Posted by jj (Post 189271)
great that GL music is being played so many miles away ..perhaps on radio also!

Radio?. ha, we're lucky to hear Sundown or IYCRMM once in a blue moon on the oldies staions!

Dave, Melbourne,Australia 12-01-2016 08:49 AM

Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...
This week, I emailed Claire Roberts to ask if the shows in northern Victoria are going ahead in early January as planned.

She replied as follows:
Unfortunately ‘Gordon’ has a shoulder injury and we have had to cancel. Very disappointing for us all.

Dave, Melbourne,Australia 02-03-2017 05:12 PM

Re: GL Tribute Aussie style ...
This week, I emailed Claire again to ask if the Lightfoot Tribute concerts would be re-starting soon. Her reply was: "It looks like our show is not going to continue. We all have other commitments now and we are scattered across Wollongong, Shoalhaven and Canberra. Here’s hoping you find another tribute show. I’m sure someone will pick up the idea soon."

Disappointed! If I had known this tour would never reach my state Victoria, I would have travelled the 800Km (500 miles) north-east to one of the concerts in the state of New South Wales. That's a much shorter journey than the 16,000Km (10,000 miles) I travelled to Wisconsin for Gord's 30Mar2008 concert.

Claire must realise the likelihood that "someone will pick up the idea soon" is a million to one. The previous time Australia had a tour of Lightfoot music was when Gord himself did his one Aussie tour in 1974!

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