#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Gord Broom <gjbroom@csr.uvic.ca> THE BALLAD OF THE YARMOUTH CASTLE Gordon Lightfoot (C) 1969 Transcribed by Gord Broom <gjbroom@csr.UVic.CA>, 1994. (Version 1.0) NOTES: This song appeared originally on the "Sunday Concert" live album. Capo at the second fret and fingerpick. At the end of the first and third lines of each verse, use a G/Gsus4/G riff. At the end of the second and fourth lines, use an Am/Asus4/Am/Asus2/Am riff. I've transcribed it from the "Original Lightfoot" boxed set. Thanks to Matthew Fifer <mfifer@merle.acns.nwu.edu> for sending me the lyrics off the "Sunday Concert Plus" CD which corrected a couple of my "hear-os." CHORDS: Am C G Asus2 Asus4 Gsus4 xo231o x32o1o 32ooo4 xo23oo xo234o 32oo14 ====== ====== ====== ====== ====== ====== ||||o| ||||o| |||||| |||||| |||||| ||||o| ||oo|| ||o||| |o|||| ||oo|| ||oo|| |o|||| |||||| |o|||| o||||o |||||| ||||o| o||||o SONG: [Capo 2nd Fret] Am C G Well it's 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the anchors have been weighed, Am G Am From Miami to Nassau, she's bound across the waves. C G She's a-headin' south through Biscayne Bay, into the open sea, Am G Am The Yarmouth Castle's, she's a-dying and don't know it! Am C G There were many years she's been to sea, she's seen the better times, Am G Am She gives a groan of protest as they cast away her lines. Am C G And the grumble of her engines and the rust along her spine, Am G Am Tells the Castle she's too old to be sailing. Am C G But the sands run out within her heart, a tiny spark glows red, Am G Am Smoulders through the evening as laughter overhead, Am C Now when dinner's served and the cards are dealt, & the G drinks are passed around, Am G Am Deep within, the fire starts a-burning. Am C G Now it's midnight on the open sea, the moon is shining bright, Am G Am Some people join the party and others say goodnight. Am C G There's many who are sleeping now, it's been a busy day, Am G Am And the tiny whisp of smoke is a-risin'. Am C G "Oh lord," she groans, "I'm burnin', let someone understand!" Am G Am But her silent plea is wasted in the playin' of the band! Am C G Everybody's dancin' on the deck and they're a-havin' such a time, Am G Am And a voice says, "Shut up and deal, I'm losin'" Am C G Deep within the Yarmouth Castle the fire begins to glow, Am G Am It leaps into the hallways and climbs and twists and grows! Am C G And the paint she wore to keep her young, oh Lord, how well it burns! Am G Am And soon that ol' fire is ragin'. Am C G Now beneath the bridge it's climbing fast, the captain stands alone Am G Am He calls up to the bos'un, says, "Bos'un, we are lost!" Am C G For the ragged hoses in the racks, no pressure do they hold, Am G Am The people down below will soon be dyin'. Am C G All amidship's, oh she's a-blazin' now, it's spreadin' fore and aft! Am G Am The people are a-scramblin' as the fire blocks the path. Am C G The evil smoke surrounds them and they're fallin' in their tracks, Am G Am And the captain in his lifeboat is a-leavin'. BREAK: Am / (B) / C/ G / Am / G / Am Am C G Oh then the ship Banana Star, comes steamin' through the night, Am G Am She sees the Castle blazin' and 'tis a terrible sight. Am C G "Jump down, jump down," the captain cries, "we'll save you if we can!" Am G Am And the paint on his funnels is a-fryin'. Am C G God help the ones who sleep below and cannot find the way, Am G Am Thank God for those we rescued upon this awful day! Am C G Now the heroes they are many but the times are goin' slim, Am G Am And now from stern to bow she's a-blazin'. Am C G Oh the Yarmouth Castle's moanin', she's cryin' like a child, Am G Am You can hear her if you listen above the roar so wild. Am C G Is she cryin' for the ones who lie within her molten sides, Am G Am Or cryin' for herself I'm a-wonderin'? Am C G But the living soon were rescued, the ones who lived to tell, Am G Am From the Star they a-watched her as she died there in the swells. Am C G Like a toy ship on a mill pond she burned all through the night, Am G Am Then slipped beneath the waves in the mornin'.