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Default G20summit-fake lake-Lightfoot

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 3:14 PM

Summit security, $1B; fake lake, $57K; jokes, priceless
Gloria Galloway

There is just so much talent in Canada Ė much of it in the blogosphere.

And Canadian bloggers have been having some fun with the cost of the looming G8 and G20 summits.

Take a guy named Ericthegreen. He has chosen to put his thoughts about the fake lake to the tune of a very special Barenaked Ladies song I am sure most of you will recognize.

For those of you who donít have the time to jump to the link, Ericís lyrics go like this:

If I had a billion dollars (if I had a billion dollars) I'd build you a lake (I would build you a lake) If I had a billion dollars (if I had a billion dollars) I'd buy you furniture for your lake (maybe a nice Muskoka chair, or a hammock) If I had a billion dollars (if I had a billion dollars) I'd buy you a steamboat (a nice reliant paddley-wheel) If I had a billion dollars, I'd buy your vo-o-o-o-o-o-ote

And then there is JimBobby who, inspired by a suggestion of Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star, decided to inject some Gordon Lightfoot into the controversy.

His version starts like this:

The legend lives on from Toronto on down Of a six inch deep pond they call Fake Lake The lake, it is said, made the blue Cons turn red When they realized they'd made such mistake.

With a Muskoka chairs and canoes in the air The fake lake was meant to thrill writers A pleasant surprise, there ain't no blackflies, No mosquitoes or other skin biters.

Fake Lake was the pride of the Conservative side With fake loon songs and JumboTron pictures Of real lakes and woods and handcrafted goods And all the outdoors you could wish for.
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Default Re: G20summit-fake lake-Lightfoot

they finally caught this guy...i think the big boys in prison will find him cute
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