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Default Bluenose Geppetto’s got a world of rock ‘n’ roll

Bluenose Geppetto’s got a world of rock ‘n’ roll
Published May 21, 2016 - 10:32am
Last Updated May 22, 2016 - 9:55am

What do James Taylor, KISS, Twisted Sister, Metallica and Cheap Trick have in common?

Guitars for one. But they’ve also all been subjects for wooden puppet replicas made by Nova Scotia’s Darren “Geppetto” Moreash.

He calls them Darrionettes and the Darrionettes Facebook page is a puppet homage to all that is rock’n’roll.

“Whenever a band comes to town that I’m a fan of, I try and get one to them,” said Moreash.

He keeps tabs on what rock legends and pop culture stars are visiting and sends a message to their media team. He often attaches photos of previous marionettes he has made for other stars as an introduction.

James Taylor’s team was very receptive and offered Moreash tickets to the show and backstage passes after they saw photos of the Taylor marionette.

“That’s my ultimate goal. I try and get free tickets to shows,” said Moreash. “My entertainment budget is making marionettes for people.”

He says getting to see the celebrity’s reaction up close is often the best part.

“He was shocked,” said Moreash of James Taylor’s reaction when he saw a doll-like replica of himself. Moreash said Taylor noted the intricate detail in the scar on the marionette’s face and praised the hard work that went into making it.

Darrionettes are getting traction online and Moreash continues to add celebrity replicas to his wall-of-fame.

James Taylor and Darren Moreash with the James Taylor marionette.

Earlier this year, Moreash was ecstatic when the guitarist of Motörhead got in touch with him to order a full set of marionettes for the band. “A band I have been listening to for my whole life got in touch with me to make some and send them out to him all the way (to) the U.K.”

There is even a music video out there that stars the Darrionettes. A marionette version of Cheap Trick is shown rocking out to their 2012 holiday song, I Want You for Christmas.

But Moreash doesn’t only make Darrionettes for celebrities. Marionette making has been his full-time job for the past two years, and he has a variety of clients that want the dolls as gifts. All Moreash needs are a few photos, the person’s interests, and the rest is left to his woodworking expertise and imagination.

He first got into stringed puppet making after his friend asked for one for Christmas. He found one in the store that had a round wooden head and a simple painted face. “It didn’t really look like anything.” Moreash thought he could make a better one, and after time and a lot of practise, he succeeded.

“It’s a bit of work because there are no molds or anything. It’s just me and my woodworking equipment carving out people,” said Moreash. If he works straight through, he can finish a marionette in two days.

“It’s a real shock to someone when they open up a gift and it’s a marionette of themselves,” said Moreash, adding that it’s the kind of gift shown to guests.

Readers interested in ordering their own Darrionette can visit his Facebook page.

In the meantime, Moreash says he has some requests out.

“I’d love to meet Gordon Lightfoot.”
"I'll see you all next Saturday..."
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Default Re: Bluenose Geppetto’s got a world of rock ‘n’ roll

I saw this on May 21 in my GOOGLE alerts... just forgot to post it..but stay tuned...
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