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Old 06-24-2022, 05:09 PM   #1
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Default Manitouwoc, WI (June 19, 2022)

Father's Day Sunday was a beautiful one off of Lake Michigan's western shore. Just about a perfect day as one could get. My wife Debbie and I arrived in town and drove around the theater looking for a potential parking spot. Lo and behold, there is Rick Haynes getting into the driver's seat of a large white SUV with Florida plates and also saw Kim Lightfoot on the other side. No Gord sighting! There were some detours around town, as many roads near the lake were closed down with some kind of a bicycle race.

The theater is one of my favorite all-time Lightfoot venues. Small, maybe 1,200 seats. Not the most exquisite, not the most artistic. But it has a charm of intimacy. We were 10 rows back, front and center. It was if Gordon Lightfoot was playing our living room!

The set list was:

The Watchman's Gone
Sweet Guinevere
Too Many Clues in this Room
Ribbon of Darkness
Carefree Highway
14 Karat Gold
If You Could Read My Mind
Make Way for the Lady
Home from the Forest
Song for a Winter's Night
The Wreck of the E.F.
Early Morning Rain
Rainy Day People

Before Home from the Forest, Gord started talking about veterans, and how he lost an uncle in World War 2 and how another uncle was a POW in a Japanese camp. He also mentioned folk music friends now gone such as Ronnie Hawkins, John Denver, Harry Chapin.

He gave a long intro into the Edmund Fitzgerald, getting help from Rick of what the date was. He also said that the ship sunk 15 miles from Sault St. Marie. (I think he meant Whitefish Bay.) But the guy remembers his lyrics well and I hope my memory is that good at 83 years old.

The opening act, Chris Koza, looked and sounded like Bob Dylan from 60 years ago. A talent, strumming a 6-string, with a harmonica draped around his neck. Very listenable.

I heard from a friend that the Minneapolis show on June 20 was outstanding. I see Char posted the article (review) out of the Minneapolis newspaper. It was a sweltering 101 F in Minneapolis that day. It was the first Twin Cities Lightfoot concert I had missed since 1977. But going to Des Moines in May and Manitouwoc in June was a worthy trade. I don't think I will get to Illinois in late September. Will have to wait until 2023!

John - Minnesota

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Dave, Melbourne,Australia
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Default Re: Manitouwoc, WI (June 19, 2022)

Seafarer John,

Thanks for another well-written review. I notice Manitowoc is only 30 miles from Appleton WI where I met you and Debbie before my one and only Gord concert on 30Mar2008.
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