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Default Massey Hall book

Don't think this was posted here before (apologies if it was). David McPherson has released a book about Massey Hall and its history. Seems to be a coffee-table book, with one chapter devoted to Gordon. Interview with the author here:

"Returning briefly to your Horseshoe book, an entire chapter was devoted to Stompin’ Tom Connors and his ties to the venue. This time around, you opt to focus on Gordon Lightfoot – fitting given that Gord performed the last show at Massey Hall prior to the closure for renovations, and will be the first to grace the stage when the venue opens its doors this month. How influential has Gord’s music been to you, and how magical do you expect his opening night show to be, back on that hallowed stage?

Gordon Lightfoot is a Canadian songwriting legend. I was introduced to his music as a teenager when I sifted through my dad’s vinyl collection and discovered Sundown. I remember sitting on the shag carpet in my parent’s den, putting on a pair of headphones, and immediately being drawn to Gord’s poetic lyrics, especially the catchy chorus that warns, “Sundown, you better take care if I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs.” As a writer, I’ve always loved artists that have a way with words. Lyrics often mean more to me than melody when I’m evaluating a piece of music. That is why many of my favorite musicians are songwriters like Lightfoot, John Prine, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Joni Mitchell. At 83-years-old, Lightfoot’s voice has weakened, but his desire to perform and his passion for the people and performing has not waned. My chapter devoted to Lightfoot is called “The House of Gord,” and for good reason. He started playing the venue in the late 1960s and has played there every decade since. At 166 shows and counting, Lightfoot holds a record that will never be broken. The magic of Lightfoot stepping onto that stage on the reopening night is hard to imagine and put into words. It will be special for so many reasons. It is not just the return of Lightfoot to the stage he knows better than any other, and to his home away from home, but it’s also the return of live music and concerts to the revitalized hall and for fans their first time back in the building in more than three years. "
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Default Re: Massey Hall book

I saw the author at Massey last week. I spoke with Bernie Fiedler and he showed me his copy that David autographed/personalized for him. I meant to get over to speak with David but alas I did not get to him... Santa has my list and the book is on it..
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