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Old 12-02-2000, 01:48 PM   #1
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: Somerset England
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Two great war-related songs from the 70s but which do you prefer? Showing great sympathy for the ordinary footsoldiers, and clearly emphasising the futility of war, these are very powerful songs, written during the Vietnam War but showing echoes of other conflicts. There may be others that have passing reference to this theme as well.

Everybody's in step with the season
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Old 12-02-2000, 10:31 PM   #2
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Location: La Mesa, CA, USA
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Of the two, my favorite is "Patriot's Dream". Not only lyrically but melodically, as well. I love the change from the jaunty melody of the soldiers happily going off to defend their cause to the haunting melody of the sorrow and sadness of those left suffering the consequences. It is a very moving song.

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Old 12-03-2000, 05:48 PM   #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: Melbourne, Australia
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Definately patriots dream. The structure of the song is better. I never got into protocol - it's still I song I skip on the CD sometimes, but TPD closes DQ on a strong note
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Old 12-04-2000, 10:25 PM   #4
Mary Ann
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: Atlanta, GA USA
Posts: 140

Make that three for Patriot's Dream. I can't describe that song any better than Janice. She hit the nail on the head.

Mary Ann
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Old 12-06-2000, 12:54 PM   #5
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: Manahawkin, NJ, 08050
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We're on a roll here. I'm also on the Patriot's Dream camp. If you play it's a great tune to do. Makes you work a bit but well worth the effort.

I wouldn't skip Protocol by any means (though I've benn known t once in a while to get to The House You Live In...) - I guess I'd call it less accessible. It's a much tougher nut to crack. I love the sound of it.

Where is this leading? I have no idea. But put me down for Patiot's Dream.
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Old 12-08-2000, 12:06 PM   #6
Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: New York, New York USA
Posts: 39

Here's another vote for Patriot's of his very's like a few different songs all in one, and so perfectly tied together...the phrasing, the tempo all change to perfectly match the lyrics...I still NEVER get tired of hearing this song. I think it's one of his best.
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Old 12-10-2000, 01:09 PM   #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: Somerset England
Posts: 171

Just to even things up I'm going to vote for Protocol, because the focus is wider. The guitar is haunting and the lyrics cover another issue close to Gord's heart: the destruction of whales. TPD is excellent too of course.

Everybody's in step with the season
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Old 12-23-2000, 08:29 PM   #8
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 1999
Location: Sacramento, California USA
Posts: 176
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Wow! You blew me away. I always thought "Protocol" really had to do with World War II more than Vietnam. (By the way, not that anyone cares, but of the choices you gave, mine is definitely "Protocol".

The line that gives me a shiver down my spine (remember that's what Sylvia Tyson said that about the line, "You can't jump a jet plane/like you can a freight train") is the line in that song, "Where are the boys in their coats of blue/who flew when their eyes were blind"...

I think that's the line that made me think he was actually talking about World War II. (The RAF????) But then, yeah, you're right ... he DOES mention not only Saigon but also Wounded Knee. Maybe it's just a song about war in general!

Stay loose, eh?


"Love and maple syrup
go together like the
sticky winds of winter
when they meet....
If you go into the forest
Gaze up through the trees
The sky is white.
You can understand
What makes the forest
Greet the man
Like a mother's only
child ..."
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Old 12-24-2000, 12:10 AM   #9
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2000
Location: Sherwood Forest, MD
Posts: 388

[QUOTE]Originally posted by loveandmaplesyrup:

Maybe it's just a song about war in general!

Drink your glass empty ...
There's one less cause in the world to be leaving for.

I like that one better than either Protocol or Patriot's Dream, even though I don't feel as if I've more than scratched the surface of its layers of meaning.


[This message has been edited by 2Much2Lose (edited January 02, 2001).]
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Old 12-24-2000, 01:50 PM   #10
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Somewhere, USA
Posts: 73

2Much: At one concert Gord said that he wrote Drink Yer Glasses Empty as the troops were being sent to Desert Storm. Back in the early 70's, although the music was great, I remember being a bit disappointed that he played and didn't offer much commentary. As the years have gone on, he sure started talking. I enjoy hearing these little tidbits of info as they have shed a new light on interpreting the songs. Has anyone else noticed that in his concerts over time?
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Old 12-26-2000, 10:12 AM   #11
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: Portland, ME U.S.A
Posts: 6

Has to be "Patriots Dream", this song has it all, great medley and awesome lyrics, great guitar wwwork and I think "Don Quixote" was Lightfoot at his vocal best. I always thought of "Protocol" as sort of a filler song, not one of his best. Happy Holidays to all
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Old 12-26-2000, 12:16 PM   #12
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: USA
Posts: 11

Definately "Patriot's Dream." The music and the lyrics hit home with me, moreso than "Protocol."
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