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Old 03-21-2022, 08:36 AM   #1
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Default NEW DOC-LIGHTHEADED-A Gordon Lightfoot State of Mind - PREMIERE in TO-Mar.17-2022

More to come as I get time...I am honoured to be part of this epic project and the fabulous evening in Toronto..

'Lightheaded’ documentary connects Gordon Lightfoot to Traverse City
By Alexandra Dailey Special to the Record-Eagle Mar 18, 2022

TRAVERSE CITY — Many Michiganders, especially those of us who live in the northern region, are familiar with Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot and his ballad describing the fateful last voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Many of us are also familiar with Lightfoot’s expansive repertoire, but the Corcoran family of Traverse City may just be the biggest Gordon Lightfoot fans to date.

This lifelong love of Lightfoot’s music set the Corcorans on a six-year adventure of creating a feature-length documentary entitled “Lightheaded: A Gordon Lightfoot State of Mind.”

It’s a “metaphorical hug and kiss to Gordon’s music and his career from his fans,” said family patriarch John Corcoran.

It all began in 1971, while John was growing up in East Lansing. He was introduced to Gordon’s music as a high school student and attended one of his concerts at Michigan State University. After that, the deal was sealed on John’s enduring devotion to Lightfoot’s work.

“I had never heard such arrangements,” said John. “A melding of guitar work, subtle yet impactful bass, and of course, a voice like no other I had ever heard before, or since. His poetry was earthly, passionate, romantic and real.”

In 1989, John had the opportunity to meet Gordon and the band through their late manager Barry Harvey, establishing what would become a friendship between the fan and musician.

Through the years, John attended somewhere between 400 and 500 Gordon Lightfoot shows, traveling across the US and Canada, bringing his family along for the ride. This experience especially resonated with two of John’s children, Brady Corcoran and Baylee Kahlon, which fueled this documentary project focusing on Lightfoot, his bandmates, fans worldwide and John himself.

“I am a bit of a focus,” said John. “The movie starts with my passion and grows from there, doing a deeper dive into all the fans who also fell in love with [Gordon’s] music. The documentary was a chance to highlight not only Gord, which others have done, but to shine a brighter light on the guys who help make his sound so wonderful.”

It was back in 2016 that Brady and Baylee first proposed the idea of filming a documentary. John and his wife RoseLee were planning to visit the UK and Ireland and go on a Gordon Lightfoot tour, and their children knew it was something worth getting on film.
“Our parents have always supported our creative endeavors and are dreamers themselves,” said Brady. “So the idea of doing something like this wasn’t a very hard sell.”

What ensued was a family collaboration that spanned years, countries, and continents, as the Corcorans traveled around Europe and Canada, conducting interviews, attending shows, making connections with other fans, and compiling footage. Baylee spearheaded the project with Brady as her co-director and with their cameraman Noam Chojnowski and film editor Nadav Elovic. With a crew from Israel, Morocco, Wales, and the US, they brought their idea to life.

“This was the little project that could, truly, as our original idea was to film the whole thing on a Go-Pro,” said Baylee. “We honestly thought we could do just that, and it would be fine. We were very, very wrong. But one thing kept leading to another, and we found ourselves in the thickets of making a documentary film. And once we were at that point, it was like — if we do this, we need to do it right.”

Baylee Kahlon resides in Haifa, Israel, with her husband and two children. She holds a master’s degree in English Literature and teaches yoga. She had no experience in filmmaking when she decided to team up with her brother to make “Lightheaded.”

She quickly learned the ropes of filmmaking, documentaries, movie protocols, and film clip licensing and got involved with the National Film Board of Canada. It was a lot to wade through, but Baylee knew there was a story to tell about Gordon, his fans and her family.

“On a personal level, [Gordon’s music is] the soundtrack to our childhood, so the music has been in our bones from the beginning,” said Baylee. “The things he speaks of in his music and the questions he raises are universal and worth a look in these times, and really, in any time, because history and the patterns of the human heart repeat itself,” she added.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Brady about undertaking this project alongside his family and documentary team.

Brady Corcoran, audio technology coordinator at Northwestern Michigan College, had some background in editing short movie clips for post-production audio before embarking on their documentary filming experience; and he found true enjoyment working on a “real” film.

Brady had the pleasure of interviewing Gordon twice, once after a show in Michigan in 2016 and again in October 2021, which was the first home interview Lightfoot had given since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brady, Noam, and Nadav were welcomed by Gordon and his wife Kim, and they gave a beautiful interview that was woven into the film.

“The first time I interviewed him, we sort of bonded over our love of music theory, which is very nerdy and probably not something he gets to talk about very often,” recalled Brady. “[The experience] was extra special, especially when I think of my dad, who raised us on this music and instilled this deep appreciation for it, and now he gets to see his son at Lightfoot’s house making a real connection.”

For more than 60 years, Gordon Lightfoot’s music has been reaching people’s hearts and spirits through his storytelling songwriter style, and this documentary highlights not only his art but his passionate fans and followers, including the Corcorans and beyond. Throughout this project, Brady and Baylee met and interviewed numerous Lightfoot fans, learning how the music had impacted their lives.

“The super-neat thing about this documentary is that you feel like you’re sitting down with friends as they tell the story of Gordon Lightfoot through their eyes. And that is basically how it was, all these wonderful moments of connection over something as human and as lovely as music in places around the world,” said Baylee.

It took six long years to deliver their heartfelt story amidst living their own lives, seeing to families and careers. Still, Baylee and Brady were never deterred, even with unavoidable hiccups, choosing to persevere and bring their goal to fruition for all to enjoy. Their father’s passion for Gordon’s music served as inspiration and the heart of the film.

“We took this quirky and lovable situation and made it relatable to a whole lot of us who grew up on the love of music,” said Baylee. “Making this documentary was one of those ideas that you throw into the air, but this actually happened, so we are just beyond grateful for that and still kind of in disbelief.”

The world premiere of “Lightheaded” is set to occur in Toronto on March 17, with Gordon and his band in attendance.

After the premiere, the documentary will be available for viewing on Amazon, Tubi, and Peacock TV. For more information about “Lightheaded: A Gordon Lightfoot State of Mind,” visit Heart and Seoul Productions on Facebook.
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Default Re: NEW DOC-LIGHTHEADED-A Gordon Lightfoot State of Mind - PREMIERE in TO-Mar.17-2022

Gordon Lightfoot fans gather to pay tribute to a living legend with new documentary
By David FriendThe Canadian Press
Thu., March 17, 2022

TORONTO - Gordon Lightfoot kept his humbled composure on Thursday night as a room of devoted fans toasted the Canadian folk legend at the premiere of “Lightheaded: A Gordon Lightfoot State of Mind,” an affectionate documentary about the community that’s grown from decades of his music.

Held in-person at the restored 1930’s-style Eglinton Grand venue in Toronto, the modest, invite-only event was centred around one thing: the 83-year-old guest of honour who showed up to receive the loving embrace alongside his bandmates.

“Tonight is very special to us,” Lightfoot said as he took a moment aside from the festivities.

“There are some really great fans in this group here,” he added. “I’m happy to meet them.”

And with that he stepped away to mingle, posing for photographs with the filmmakers and their friends, and sticking around to watch the documentary for the first time.

“Lightheaded” is a love letter to Lightfoot and the meaningful impact his classic songs such as “Sundown,” “If You Could Read My Mind” and “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” to name a few, have on listeners, especially the ones who refer to themselves as Lightheads.

The documentary traces a group of them, led by its producer and lifelong fan John Corcoran, as they traverse the globe in hope of taking another hit of Lightfoot’s live energy. Much of the footage was captured during his tour of the United Kingdom and British Isles in 2016.

Interviews with Lightfoot and his bandmates are scattered throughout the film to offer viewpoints from the life of touring musicians.
Corcoran, 67, claims to have seen Lightfoot in concert more than 400 times since his cousin first played the 1970 album “Sit Down Young Stranger” for him when he was a teenager.

“I heard ‘Minstrel of the Dawn’ and I was off to the Milky Way,” he said of the LP’s first track.

After hearing their father spin Lightfoot music their entire lives, his two children decided they wanted to turn his unwavering love into a proper film, even though they hadn’t had any experience making one before.

“This is a perspective that only we have because of dad here and the years of friendships that developed,” said co-director Brady Corcoran of what he and his sister brought to the film.

“Lightheaded” arrives with the unintentional lens of the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes footage of packed concerts and gatherings of friends carry a strange nostalgia for a bygone era.

“It’s almost a snapshot in time of six years ago when everything seemed almost naive,” said co-director Baylee Kahlon.

Watching those moments at the “Lightheaded” premiere was a reminder of a rare and cherished opportunity to come together at a movie screening that might not have happened even a few months ago.

“Having people gather safely was unbelievable to imagine” at one time, Kahlon said. “To have this event even taking place at all is a dream come true.”

“Lightheaded” will premiere on Amazon’s Prime Video in the spring.


This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 17, 2022.
click on photo to open article and see 2nd photo
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Default Re: NEW DOC-LIGHTHEADED-A Gordon Lightfoot State of Mind - PREMIERE in TO-Mar.17-2022

Lightheaded premiere-Toronto-March 17 2022 by char Westbrook, on Flickr
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Default Re: NEW DOC-LIGHTHEADED-A Gordon Lightfoot State of Mind - PREMIERE in TO-Mar.17-2022

Can someone email me at when this becomes available in the U.S.?
When the road runs down by the butternut grove to old Bill Skinner's Stream
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Default Re: NEW DOC-LIGHTHEADED-A Gordon Lightfoot State of Mind - PREMIERE in TO-Mar.17-2022

I will post the info here and send it to you..
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