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Default Re: Terry Clements Memorial Service -update

Originally Posted by charlene View Post

Gordon also had a few words to say..actually to read. He had a sheaf of papers in his hand and said he had some e-mails to read that he had received. He was reading from the printout I had sent him of the condolences here at corfid. I had planned on sending them to only Terry's family but at the last moment I copied another set and sent a note with them to Gordon thinking he might like to read them as well, not thinking they would be what he’d read at the memorial! He had some noted with a red dot and read messages from Jenney, Sir John, Melissa, Gord H., T.G., Richard Miller, LadyA, Kelly Davis, teherie, Kelly Davis to name a few.
thanks for a great report as usual Char
It took me quite a while to locate that condolences thread that our supremely efficient moderator person printed out for Gord so for anybody who wishes to refresh their memory of what was written (I for one did) the thread is on two pages at:-

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