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Well<Knightmoves...I've told this story on here about 3 times and said the last time would be just that..but since your a more recent member I'll make an exception.

In July of 2002,I read in a local Phoenix alternative newspaer (New Times) that GL was coming to town on Tuesday August 6th. (Which by coincidence is my late Grandmothers B-Day!
My brother and I went to our local grocery store which has a music section with a ticket master. He paid for my ticket and of course I paid him back later. To make this a real all day event,I requested the day off work,heck,I even told them why!
Well,the 6th rolled around and I went to the Dodge theatre located downtown,4 hours early!
Of course I was hoping to see him drop by for a possible rehearsal or sound check or such. No such luck.
So,after being downtown a considerable amount of time,they let us in. The show finally started and when GL took the stage I couldn't believe that was the same person on the LP covers I'd come to know. Skiiiiiiiny! I was in the 10th row which was kinda close but I wished I had a slightly better seat,so during his intermission,I moved up to the 1/2 empty 2nd row. (The ticket master guy said the really close seats were gone,yeah right!)
When they returned,there he was,in plain sight! He started to talk about writing songs for M. Douglases 1st film,I shouted out "Hail Hero!" and he said back,"You got it man!" He closed with Edmund Fitz. and then after the show about 30 or so fans and myself waited over 40 to 50 mins. for he and the band to emerge. (It was after 10pm!)
They finally cmae out and "Much To My Surprise" were very receptive to giving autographs! Had I known it would be that easy,I'd have brought my records with me! When he got to me he did sign my concert ticket (I'm glad they don't rip them anymore!) and a upcoming shows poster I had sneaked off a wall. I told him,"I've been listening to you since I was 6!" (I forgot this last time i told the story)-->He said back,"Funny,you don't look a day over 5!" We shook hands and thanked eachother and I told him,"God,Bless you!" Then he signed more things for others and left in a nice understated tan car. When he returns to Phoenix,I'm ready this time! Present LP's!

Been me,later! (& yes,last time for that story and this time I mean it!)

Borderstone,gonna post some lines tonight!:D
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