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Default Re: What do you like about Gordon Lightfoot?

For me, it is how he has become very laid back in his later years. He doesn't take himself too seriously. As I've stated in another post, my wife and I have met him 22 times since 1999, 8 or 9 times with all 3 of our kids. I have many handshakes and my wife has many kisses on the cheek she has given Gord over the years (probably 22!!!) to prove it.

He has always been very patient with our kids, especially when they were younger. I honestly think he loves seeing younger generations appreciating his legacy. Not sure that would have happened 40 years.

As Gordon has said in interviews lately, he is trying to 'redeem the time' he has left. I'm really just writing about Gord's life attitude, not about the music.
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