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Default Re: Do you think the song ',For Lovin Me,' is chauvinistic?

There've been many other songs that sound like For Lovin Me where man in the song is a rambler, stays with a woman for a while and them move on.

Here's some cases.

Rambin Gamblin Bob Segar.

Ramblin Man Allman Brothers.

Heard It In A Love Song/Take The Highway both by The Marshall Tucker Band.

I'm sure there's more and did any women's group go after them?

Now here's 2 examples that would be chauvinistic.

I Got A Woman-Ray Charles

one verse goes like.

"Never running in the streets and leaving me alone, she knows that a woman's place ins right there down in the home."

It's a Man's World-James Brown.

Think those sound more like it.

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