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Default Re: Gord's Songs About Summer.

i know you jest, john... I've been to Summerside... nothing to do with the song... and not about the summer eason ...yeah, war in prime years of life, imo... (we now do it the encore/tribute)

summertime dream has the hometown 'did she mention my name'/Orillia vibe to it, Imo

it's a great show starter...that would be my summer vibe pic... there is no actual stream at the Skinners ...but Gord paints so many images that lets our imaginations fill in the full visuals... there are likely many other summer vibe tunes of Gord's, eh ... we had a list of songs that mention months in lyrics...i don't recall Seasons poll.... Song for WINTER's night... Leaves of AUTUMN... hmm, SPRING?

oh, summer love isn't a Gord tune, but the duo did a nice cover.. gosh, Terry's been gone about 13 years... i remember hearing the news one sunny, summer's day... ironically, but it bring the thread back on topic

hope you and the kids are doing great, lisa
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