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Thanks again for the pics on google. I never knew there was an actual picture of my mother! She is on the 4rth picture page on the bottom. There is an article that is with the picture from the Detriot news if you would like to read it. She is famous haha. She was on tv 2 times and in a bunch of local newspapers. She is also an administrator at It is a site made by the family members if you'd like to check that out. And you can contact her there and she will be hapy to answer any questions. She is real open about sharing the story. Just in the past few years i started really getting involved. Until I finally got a computer, and started surfing the web, I never knew how big this seemingly never ending story is about the boat and the song and the mystery of the wreck.I think it is so neat to have talked with so many people I dont even know. And, like myself, every one seems to be so interested and wanting to know more. I think Gordon Lightfoot is cool. His songs are awesome, and he is the the main reason this story remains. Thank you Gordon Lightfoot!!! Allen Johnson
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