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Charlene you are right. I am the grandson of Robert c Raferty. And right again about the sonofason. I admit I stole it from Jimmy buffet :-} I was only 4 yrs old when my grandfather carried me up the long ladder on the boat.He was the cook so we got to eat there.And yes i remember it well. The freighter was so incredibly huge!. I also remember me and my mom either going to visit, or dropping him off and I remember standing on the dock watching him wave at us. He looked so tiny because the Fitz was even larger looking when it is empty. My mother knows Gordon Lightfoot, and has had backstage passes to one of his shows he did in Ks. Where my mom lives. She also talked w him on the phone at one time I remember. Also She attends the memorial at whitefish where the Maritime Sailors cathedral is. From time to time, Gordon Lightfoot will attend and my mom has a photo with him. He was wearing that same leather jacket that is in the pic Charlene posted I could be wrong, but it is definately the same jacket. And yes they do ring the bell 29 times for each of the beloved members. Thanks so much for directing me to the pics. God bless you all. Any more questions? Fell free to ask. Allen Johnson.
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