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quote:Originally posted by SomewhereupinMichigan:
Who are all these unregistered bus drivers who have suddenly appeared on the forum? And why have they launched this topic, certain to cause dissension in the ranks? Is this some kind of public transit plot against Gord?
So, seriously, I have to agree that Canary Yellow Canoe is a bit rough around the edges and I think he must have only included it in the Songbook collection for the good memories that it brings him from his days of rough-riding the rapids of remote waters.
I can't believe that anyone would find fault with "The Last Time..." That song is a classic romantic ballad and I put it well into my Top 10. As for "Me and Bobby..." I don't count that one since it was a GL cover of the Kris Kristofferson tune.

Tis probably the same person entering different names. Sometimes people do things like this to get some laughs. I've bin tempted before but I have never done this.
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